2020 finally pays off for someone.

Robert Tracinski on why #NeverTrumpers who didn't become outright Democrats have something to feel good about.

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#NeverTrump #Winning

Robert Tracinski: 2020 finally pays off for someone.

In related news, the Biden campaign is attributing their success to one thing: “We turned off Twitter. We stayed away from it. We knew that the country was in a different headspace than social media would suggest.” And they were right.

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Amanda Carpenter: Trump Gaslights America Again

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Amanda Carpenter joins Charlie Sykes to discuss the never-ending culture wars, and President Trump’s last-ditch attempt to gaslight America before he leaves office.

Derek Dye on Family Video and saving our video stores

On this week’s The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood, Sonny talks to Derek Dye, the Senior Brand Manager for Highland Ventures, which is the parent company of the iconic Family Video brand. The chain is spearheading the #SaveTheVideoStore campaign, which hopes to raise awareness for those remaining stores.

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Budget Deficits Still Matter

Desmond Lachman: Several of the world’s most indebted countries seem to think they can grow their way out of any amount of debt. Good luck.

The Lame-Duck Massacre

Shay Khatiri: The patterns and portents of Trump’s post-election Pentagon firings.


Republicans Should Be Defending Georgia’s Election Process. Former Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Greyson weighs in:

Instead of attacking him, Republicans should be celebrating Mr. Raffensperger for running an election that was free of widespread malfeasance, despite record turnout, a pandemic, threats from hostile foreign countries and a persistent lack of funding.

Can we talk about Leta Powell Drake? Perhaps one of the best interviewers you never heard of. Behold:

A reminder: Hyperloop sucks. The fine folks at Defector have this brutal takedown:

The United States is generations behind much of the rest of the wealthy, industrialized world in this area. For all but a very narrow corridor along the East Coast serviced by the weak half-a-loaf shit that passes for high-speed rail in this country, the best an American commuter can hope for in intercity rail options are crappy and ancient diesel Amtrak trains that top out at around 80 miles per hour. Most American cities simply are not serviced by any intercity rail network at all. The U.S.’s shameful mass-transit situation—and thus its shameful dependence on personal vehicles, and all the downstream bad shit that comes from that—could be improved a zillion percent by just aiming for the level of railroad sophistication French people considered normal before the median 2020 French person was old enough to ride a bicycle. And here are these Professor Frink–ass Hyperloop dinguses, dumping resources beyond counting into inventing some shit that already exists when for a fraction of the cost and in a fraction of the time they could just purchase or at the very least copy what is already working just fine even in backward-ass doofus countries like freaking Italy. It wouldn’t need test tracks! It wouldn’t need years of iteration and development! They already did all that shit, all over the rest of the world!

Don’t… you work there? Kayleigh McEnany got a tough question—from Fox & Friends!—and she referred it to the White House. Where she is currently the press secretary, making six figures. You have to see it.

January, 2021 can’t come soon enough.

While we’re talking about Kirkuk Kayleigh… Let’s see what she was saying on the TV a few short years ago. Roll tape.

Meet Christina Bobb.

As Trump is citing outlets like OAN to ding Fox News for insufficient loyalty, we have folks like Bobb saying Fox is one of the "radical left media outlets…”

Guess what Bobb’s last job was? The Executive Secretary for the Department of Homeland Security under the Trump administration. How crazy is that?


I used to go on OAN. This was like six years ago and it was when I cared about TV. It was always crazy, and I never got paid for going on their channel, but when they became Syria truthers, that was enough for me. If you can’t accept that Assad is the baddie? No more free appearances from me. There are a thousand white Republican men with lego hair in DC who can take my place who have similar experience.

Quarter for QAnon… Kevin McCarthy is just asking us to give them a chance.

Yeah, no.

Can we talk about Cheez Whiz? Because a restaurant in Cleveland has found a way to infuse it into tater tots, and I think we need to have a conversation about this. We should celebrate American achievements wherever they occur.

Whales go boom. The infamous exploding whale video has been remastered.

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