Protecting the Right to Vote

Republicans say their new voting-restrictive laws are not racist. But denying racism in racist actions is nothing new.

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Protecting the Right to Vote

JOHN C. BRITTAIN AND DENNIS AFTERGUT: Republicans say their new voting-restrictive laws are not racist. But denying racism in racist actions is nothing new.

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Tim Miller on the Chuckling Chodes of Disinformation

On today's podcast, Tim Miller joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss his worries about Hot Joe Summer, Tucker's Anti-American Tour, the GOP's Herschel Walker problem, Apple's creepy surveillance plan, and the future of Andrew Cuomo.

Whoa, those Cuomo woes.

The Washington Post's Megan McArdle returns to B2D to discuss Cuomo, the eviction moratorium, and whether the left's power in the Democratic party exceeds its grass roots popularity.

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SECRET POD: The Calm Show 🔐

Andrew Cuomo and a better way to live.

MORNING SHOTS: Tucker's Tour, Vax Wars, and Hate Mail 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES: Kind of a grab-bag today.

THE TRIAD: Let Kamala Harris Blow Up "Defund the Police" 🔐

JVL: It's a job tailor made for the vice president.

TNB Livestream: Afghanistan, Evictions, and Infections 🔐

Tim Miller, Mona Charen, Ben Parker, and Sonny Bunch discuss Afghanistan, Biden’s evictions moratorium, and the rise of infections.

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Quentin Tarantino vs. Ambiguity

SONNY BUNCH: How the director made Cliff Booth less ambiguous—and our reaction to him more complex—in the ‘Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood’ novelization.

What to Do About Iran’s Transnational Criminality

SHAY KHATIRI: The regime uses kidnapping and assassination as foreign policy tools.

'The Suicide Squad' Review

SONNY BUNCH: on James Gunn’s newest movie, and why we should give the CDC powers to improve our theaters!


SESAME PLACE, PENNSYLVANIA— Let’s just say this Oscar the Grouch t-shirt I saw a man wearing there sums up my experience. And no, I didn’t buy it because I gave Sea World Parks & Entertainment enough money today. I have had more pleasant experiences checking my bags with Spirit airlines behind people who did not read the FAQ online before showing up at the gate and needed every policy explained to them.

But I’m from Ohio originally, so I am a bit of an amusement park snob. Maybe when my kids are older, if they really get into Sesame Street, we’ll try it again.

USA! USA! USA! We stayed up to watch the beach volleyball finals last night, and what a match it was. But I love this LeBron James-esque message from Gold Medalist pole vaulter Katie Nagoette:

Eisenhower smiles… It’s a myth that the highway system dictates a certain number of straight miles for planes to land, but planes do often land on roads! In Michigan, an A-10 intentionally landed on the M-32, and took off again. Apparently it is the “first time in history, modern military aircraft intentionally landed on a civilian highway on American soil.”

The truth above all else…

A tale of two Saint Louis businesses… From KMOV. (Click for story.)

“We lost Greenville…” The Dixie fire in California is now one of the largest in state history, and this small town is pretty much completely destroyed (NY Times.) The LA Times has some before pictures that are just dystopian. Meanwhile, the state’s drought has, Politico reports, shut down the Oroville dam for the first time ever.

Larry Hogan isn’t mincing words. I wish more Republicans spoke like this, but well…

Please, just get the damn vaccine.

Peak hypocrisy… Down on Virginia’s southern coast, The Virginian-Pilot reports:

“We should give it back,” Anderson wrote on his campaign Facebook page on July 4, referring to more than $4 billion from the American Rescue Plan that state lawmakers hope to use to help businesses and localities recover from the economic blow of the pandemic. “We don’t need it.”

Advertisement Since April 2020, however, his businesses have taken in over $742,000 in federal COVID relief money, according to data from the U.S. Small Business Administration.

Anderson, 46, is a criminal defense attorney and gun store owner. 

He’s running…

D.C.’s hottest club… is apparently Joe Manchin’s houseboat? WaPos Ben Terris has a must read story about clubby Washington. Of course, Manchin is not the first Senator to have a boat here in Washington, as this old New Yorker item highlights.

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