Abuses and Lies Till the Bitter End

There’s just no limit to the GOP’s tolerance for Trump’s malfeasance.

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Abuses and Lies Till the Bitter End

Amanda Carpenter: There’s just no limit to the GOP’s tolerance for Trump’s malfeasance.

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Tim Miller: Is it Over?

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes to look at the big picture of the 2020 election, the unique Biden map, and the future of the GOP.

The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood: Alyssa Rosenberg and Peter Suderman on post-Trump cultural coverage

This week, Sonny talks to Alyssa Rosenberg (The Washington Post) and Peter Suderman (Reason Magazine), his old friends from Across the Movie Aisle, about the world of movies and movie writing post-Trump. Is Christopher Nolan right that Hollywood studios should be looking to foreign box office dollars? Does Netflix have buyer's remorse about their mega-deals with super-producers? And now that The Trump Show is coming to a close, will the world of cultural writing be able to focus a bit more on, you know, the culture?

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All of Trump’s Anti-Democratic Attacks Have Failed—So Far

Kim Wehle: He lied about mail-in-ballot fraud. He undermined the postal service. Now he wants the courts to halt the counting of ballots.

America To Trump: You're Fired

Charlie Sykes: He's about to become a disgraced ex-president.


I had written an item for when we knew the likely inevitable result: Joe Biden winning. We’ll see in the next 18 hours whether it’s usable. But make no mistake: that’s the clear reality if you’re looking at things closely.

Sometimes you spend time on an item and current events overtake reality.

An interview with Michael Moore. Gotta be honest, he’s not my favorite in the realm of politics, but his film, Canadian Bacon, is an all time great. Here’s an interview the film maker gave to our favorite friendly socialist, Nathan J. Robinson, editor of Current Affairs.

I like the people at Current Affairs not because I agree with them: I don’t. But because they are having fun and honest. And I think supporting people in a dying field who do both deserve our support.

When I joined The Weekly Standard in 2012, I was having fun and felt we were being honest. Until our corporate masters bludgeoned the fun out of our group, resulting in The Bulwark.

That’s why we are here. I can only speak for myself, but being honest is what was a large part of the end of TWS, and here at The Bulwark, we are having fun. That’s in no small part thanks to your generosity. So, if you haven’t joined as a member of Bulwark+, now is the time.

We’re going to be around to help explain the post-election madness as honest conservatives, and your support can help us make what started as a life raft turn into a destroyer. (Don’t tell our friend crazy Col. Kurt Schlichter. #AHOY!)

Warnings for Democrats… Slate’s Will Saletan has them.

Are we going to have an inauguration? Sure, we’ll know who the next POTUS is soon, but are we going to have actual pomp and circumstance? At my former place of employ, Roll Call, a look at the preparations.

Meanwhile… In Ohio… Corrupt Republican Larry Householder just won re-election. Consider it a sign.

A recipe for disaster… Always listen to rat.

That’s it for me. Feel free to send me your thoughts, concerns, or criticisms: swift@thebulwark.com. I’m on childcare duty and the twins got chicken nuggets, fruit, and milk. I got a Lidl steak with Pork Barrel BBQ rub and Vidalia Onion steak sauce. Suffice to say, I think we all won.

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