America Is Still Dopesick

Daniel McGraw takes stock of America's opioid crisis in 2021.


Doom and gloom for the holidays…

Seeing as I am going to be away for the holidays, it’s not going to be the typical Christmas where we bring presents in a car for all the kiddos and haul their presents back. We’re flying. That would be stupid. Even if we’re flying Southwest, which we love, and might be a bit of a headache.

You may have seen by now, whether it’s online, a national cable channel, or your local news sources, supply chains are messed up. They’re not lying. They are! COVID messed with everything.

President Biden is trying to show that he is doing something about it. It’s a good start, but really, it’s window dressing. A lot of kids are going to get IOUs in boxes this year. And that’s not his fault. Lots of businesses are cautious, and that’s not Joe Biden’s doing, though you can’t blame people who saw the TFG shitshow run by Jared Kushner and did a little hedging. And some, like Southwest, were perhaps a little too optimistic in booking flights.

We didn’t get what Tim Miller called the “Hot Joe Summer.” Maybe things will be better in a few months, but there isn’t much time left on the clock. And supply chains are often slow to adapt.

Don’t wait for Black Friday. Buy now if you want to be sure. But don’t worry if it doesn’t get there in time. The important thing is making sure people are safe and healthy, and being able to spend time with them.

Presents may arrive on time, or they may not. But if we can make visits contingent on people doing what’s right for society? Maybe it’ll be a happier Christmas after all.

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America Is Still Dopesick

DANIEL MCGRAW: Take stock of America’s opioid crisis in 2021.

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