An Ode to Saint Joe Manchin

Tim Miller: Democrats are mad at Joe Manchin. They ought to be grateful for him.


The Cards Clinch. The season is pretty much over for my Indians, but the Red Birds have a Wild Card berth and will potentially face Charlie Sykes’s dangerous Milwaukee Brewers, who broke their 17 game winning streak if they’re able to win the Wild Card.

Last night, the Republicans broke their losing streak in the Congressional Baseball Game, held at Nationals Park. The game is a great Washington tradition, sponsored by my former employer, Roll Call, which raises money for charity. Outside of the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise a few years ago at a ballpark in Alexandria, most people hadn’t heard of it.

But it does a lot of great work for local charities, and it’s a fun time for staffers, members, and journalists alike. My favorite memory was sitting in left field to heckle then-Rep. and pre-scandal Anthony Weiner, who would give me the middle finger behind his back so nobody could see.

Rep. Greg Steube hit an out of the park home run, the first, apparently, in more than 40 years.

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An Ode to Saint Joe Manchin

TIM MILLER: Democrats are mad at Joe Manchin. They ought to be grateful for him.

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Let’s start off with a #pupdate. Gus and Rusty (or Gus’n’Russ as the kids call them) are finally full friends. It’s a good feeling and we’re happy. Just like having twins gives a child a built-in best friend, not having a lonely dog saves one some work. Though, sometimes it creates more work.

Though earlier this week I had to get, uh, samples of certain bodily fluids from Rusty for the vet. Dog owners know what I mean. And you have to get them during walks. And I had to do this while kids were walking to the bus for school. Nothing looks weirder than taking a pipette to a tray full of dog urine at 6 in the morning. The things we do for animals….

Easy living… How lawmakers use their “leadership PACs” to live the lavish life.

The end of 3G. Millions of Americans are about to lose their cell phone service. If you have an old phone, perhaps it’s time for a new one.

Uh oh.

Burn pits and sick vets…. Jon Stewart is back.

This is amazing. “Finstas” are “Fake Instagram” accounts teens use to evade their parents. Sen. Blumenthal is not, as the kids say, hip to the term. #awkward

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