And Eric Schmitt Is Supposed to Be the Sane One

Tim Miller on the PAC supporting the supposedly mainstream Eric Schmitt's crazy new ad.

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And Eric Schmitt Is Supposed to Be the Sane One

TIM MILLER: A PAC supporting the supposedly mainstream Missouri GOP Senate candidate launches with the craziest ad of the cycle (so far).

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On today's podcast, former RNC Chair Michael joins host Charlie Sykes to talk about the January 6 committee, Jim Jordan, Arizona's craziness, and his future in Maryland politics.

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The point is you’re not supposed to be polite, Glenn… The Youngkin camp forwarded me this statement in response to my story yesterday.

The entire premise of my item is that people like John McCain were forceful in dealing with voters detached from reality. You’re supposed to push back if you’re a leader. Glenn Youngkin playing paddyfingers with election truthers isn’t going to stop until the election. (And maybe not even then, sadly.)

Will this really work? I guess maybe the data (if it exists) will tell us, but it seems to me that people in communities that need to hear this most aren’t watching TikTok microinfluencers.

From the time machine…

It’s Primary Day in Ohio… Will be interesting to see if Nina Turner is able to maintain her lead, or whether Shontel Brown is able to pull off the win. (READ: Tim Miller and me on this race from a few days ago.)

Will Chipman survive? This controversy probably isn’t something the White House will want to spend political capital on.

Speaking of trouble… If this is Andrew Cuomo’s defense, he is screwed. Not to mention how craven it is. If he won’t resign, NY Democrats should impeach him.

Both Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Biden have called on Cuomo to resign. My theory?

Hold onto your butts.

Tucker Carlson, live from… Hungary? In the Post, Philip Bump on why the Fox News personality is there:

Millions of Fox News viewers this week are likely to be presented with a vision of Hungary that not only deprioritizes its political shift but champions Orban’s ostensible focus on preserving national character. Orbanism will almost certainly be cast not as a danger to American traditions but the salvation of it. Orban is almost certainly about to get a week-long infomercial on the United States’ most-watched cable network for nationalist authoritarianism, just as he wanted.

The secrets of working on a super yacht. A wild read at Bloomberg:

South Florida—from Palm Beach down to Miami—is quickly becoming a ’roided-out version of the Mediterranean. “But in Florida,” YachtLife’s Curley says, “the party’s all 12 months of the year.”

There the business is about day charters, often for time-crunched celebs willing to drop $15,000 on one epic joyride. On “Sunday Fundays,” Curley says, “you head out in the morning, drop anchor at the sandbar off Key Biscayne, play with the toys before you’re too drunk, then dock at the trendiest club.”

RIP. This week in Washington, we’ve had two D.C. MPD cops commit suicide, and just today, a Pentagon police officer was killed in the line of duty. Washington is a super magnet for crazy, and while we wait to hear about the motivation of the perpetrator, please say a prayer for this officer and their family and friends.

Choose your own deathventure…

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