Be Worried

Bill Kristol on new polling, which suggests it’s growing likely Republicans will retake the House in 2022.

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Be Worried

WILLIAM KRISTOL: New polling suggests it’s growing likely Republicans will retake the House in 2022.

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Amanda Carpenter on Gaslighting and the Big Lie

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Amanda Carpenter joins Charlie Sykes to discuss Kevin McCarthy’s hot mess and why we should be optimistic when everything seems so dumb.

BGTH: Jon Finkel on 1996's sports movies and athletes on sports cinema

This week Sonny is joined by Jon Finkel, author of 1996: A Biography: Reliving the Legend-Packed, Dynasty-Stacked, Most Iconic Sports Year Ever.

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MORNING SHOTS: A "Not Crazy" Party? 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES on a Manifesto for American Renewal.

TRIAD: Inflation Is Dangerous in More Ways Than One 🔐

JONATHAN V. LAST: The CPI numbers are a real concern.

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Not My Party: Liz Cheney Unchained

TIM MILLER: Switching from Cheney to Stefanik is pure nihilism.

What Becomes of the Afghans?

MATT JOHNSON: Biden used to profess concern for human rights in Afghanistan. His drastic withdrawal policy suggests otherwise.

Military Officers Should Stay Out of Politics

JIM GOLBY: If retired officers have a point to make, they should rely on facts and logic to be persuasive—not their ranks.


Get Vaccinated.

Beyond parody.

I don’t know much about the House storage spaces, but the ones in the Senate are like prison cells. Who would want to live like this? Couldn’t he have just slept in dad’s office? As President Bush said after Trump’s inaugural speech: “That was some weird shit.” So is this.

Speaking of weird shit. This NYT story about the plot to discredit H.R. McMaster is bonkers.

Let’s keep keeping it weird.

So nice of Rep. McCarthy to dress up to #BackTheBlue…

What is the cost of lies?

From Chernobyl:

What is the cost of lies? It's not that we'll mistake them for the truth. The real danger is that if we hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize the truth at all. What can we do then? What else is left but to abandon even the hope of truth and content ourselves instead with stories? In these stories, it doesn't matter who the heroes are. All we want to know is: "Who is to blame?"

That’s where we are right now.

The J.D. Vance experiment is off to a great start… Buckeyes love Michigan. They really do.

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