Brace Yourself: Trump Starts Up His Rallies Again This Weekend

Daniel McGraw on the return of the MAGA circus.

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Brace Yourself: Trump Starts Up His Rallies Again This Weekend

DANIEL MCGRAW: He’s bringing the MAGA circus to Ohio. Here’s why.

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Bill Kristol and Charlie Sykes discuss the fragility of Biden's infrastructure deal; Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, and the vaccine demagoguery of Ron Johnson.

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Bipartisan Biden Continues to Be Better at Politics Than You

TIM MILLER: He ain’t taking your bait.


WHEELING, WV— Greetings from the road! We’re almost at our destination in Ohio, where we’re going to a family wedding before going further west for a quasi-vacation.

I’ve been driving the rental minivan for most of the trip, so I don’t have much in the way of anything special to add here in OVERTIME.

I can vouch for the pit beef sandwiches from Tony’s Butcher Block in Berkeley Springs, WV.

I do recommend this book excerpt of Nightmare Scenario in the Post about President Trump’s bout with COVID-19. It is an interesting, almost horrifying, read.

Also, this thread from Kenneth White on speech in schools is worth your time…

Missing civil war-era gold… This is a wild read. And will probably become an interesting movie or documentary.

Have a great Friday. We’ll see you back on Monday.

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