Decency, R.I.P.

Mona Charen: If manners are the small change of morality, we’ve gone bankrupt a few cents at a time.

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Decency, R.I.P.

MONA CHAREN: If manners are the small change of morality, we’ve gone bankrupt a few cents at a time.

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Tim Miller on the Cheney Pick

Tim Miller and Charlie Sykes discuss Blondie, 1/6, Kevin McCarthy’s hypocrisy, Trump’s legal troubles, and the GOP’s new S&M cult.

The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood: James White on Restoring Movies for Arrow Films

How does your favorite movie from the 1970s, '80s, or '90s make the jump to Blu-ray and 4K? Listen to find out.

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MORNING SHOTS: Why is Bill Kristol Alarmed? 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES on how Biden beat Trump.

THE TRIAD: The Merrick Garland Theory of Politics 🔐

JVL: If it's not explicitly illegal, then you can and must do it.

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This Guy Is the Reason Bill Cosby Is Out of Prison

KIMBERLY WEHLE: The same lawyer who bumbled through Trump’s impeachment defense.

Not My Party: Will J.D. Vance Find Political Stardom?

TIM MILLER: The ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ author is amping up the populism for a Senate campaign.

Joe Biden’s Trumpian Russia Policy

KRISTOFER HARRISON: Six months into his presidency, Biden has yet to show he understands the Russian threat better than his predecessors.

Which Republicans Should Be Put on the January 6 Committee?

AMANDA CARPENTER: The committee is too partisan, moans Kevin McCarthy. Gee, who’s to blame for that?

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SAINT LOUIS— Greetings from the ‘Lou! We’re about to fire up the BBQ on the Weber Smokey Joe this evening and cook up some burgers (with the local favorite Maull’s BBQ sauce), cheddar Johnsonville brats, and some hotdogs for the kids.

Yesterday, I got to attend my first MLB game since 2019, and watched the Cardinals beat up on the poor Arizona Diamondbacks. It was great to be back at the ballpark, expensive as it always was.

We had great seats:

Today, we went to Grant’s Farm, a family favorite, and fed the goats, had a pretzel with beer cheese, and some free samples of AB InBev’s products. (I went with Michelob Golden Light, my favorite mass produced beer.)

Did Sonny Perdue do something unethical? WaPo takes a deep dive into a transaction that happened right before his confirmation as Secretary of Agriculture. Something stinks!

How much do voting machines actually cost? At Politico, the answer is more difficult than you might think.

Wait until these cops discover there’s a website called Twitter…

Bold strategy, let’s see if it pays off…

Remember: There is no Thursday Night Bulwark tonight.

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