DeSantis Press Conference Spreads Anti-Vax Falsehood

No, the COVID vaccines will not change your DNA or RNA.

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DeSantis Press Conference Spreads Anti-Vax Falsehood

JIM SWIFT: No, the COVID vaccines will not change your DNA or RNA.

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Olivia Troye on Stephen Miller's Bigotry

On today's podcast, Olivia Troye joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss GWB's 9/11 speech, Chris Christie, the fight over refugees, and the looming COVID winter.

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MORNING SHOTS: My (Imaginary) Conversation with Chris Christie 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on why some of our friends have some bad takes on the Trump lovin’ former NJ Governor.

THE TRIAD: The Real Forever War Is Right in Front of You 🔐

JVL: It's American politics.

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Trump-Era Corruption Eclipses Even Teapot Dome

CASEY MICHEL: That legendary scandal, which originated 100 years ago, involved Americans paying off Americans. Trump’s corruption is transnational.

Four Military Trends to Watch for After Afghanistan

SHAY KHATIRI: The war is over. Its effects will live on.

Chris Christie’s Bogus Blunt Talk

AMANDA CARPENTER: The problem with his efforts to position himself for 2024.


Happy Monday! I trust you had a good weekend. We went to see Jim Gaffigan in D.C., and his new show, The Fun Tour, is awesome. Highly recommend it if you get the chance.

Walking to the car, we saw the beacon of light shining from the Pentagon from the Ellipse. It was a sight to behold.

Comedy and 9/11… Too soon? Make sure to take a look at this VICE documentary on comedy in the wake of September 11th.

PUPDATE. Area Dog Gus seems to be thawing, not warming up, to Rusty. They do often fight over coveted toys, and there’s some trolling, but rather than separate them, I am trying to keep them in a supervised Thunderdome, whereby Gus will push back against Rusty’s youthful puppy play energy.

We are going through chew toys like crazy. But better that than furniture.

Speaking of dogs… Do check out this story on the D.C. reddit from a 9/11 first responder sharing memories of his dog, who came with him to the WTC to try and help save people. You may remember this semi-famous image of Saul and his dog, Shannon.

Naturally… TFG spent 9/11 doing commentary for a series of boxing matches, where his son teased he was going to reveal secrets about aliens and Area 51. Really.

How OSU and Urban Meyer failed Courtney Smith. It is always difficult to read intensely good reporting, depressing, maddening reporting, that shows you a franchise or team you love failed somebody. Please earmark some time to read this at Defector.

Is J.D. Vance still worried about rhetoric? He should look inward.

Life comes at you fast…



Tucker Carlson… lies? And admits he does it?

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