Don’t Cry for H.R. 1

Mona Charen argues: Amend the Electoral Count Act instead.

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Don’t Cry for H.R. 1

MONA CHAREN: Amend the Electoral Count Act instead.

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James Hohmann on the Insurrection in Plain Sight

On today's Bulwark Podcast, James Hohmann joins Charlie Sykes to discuss his article on how the insurrection was hiding in plain sight, the Biden vaccine Rorschach test, and Joe Manchin and the future of the filibuster.

TBGTH: James Emanuel Shapiro on Cannes and the Business of Film Festivals

On this week’s episode, James Emanuel Shapiro returns to the show to talk about the return of Cannes and what it’s like to be on the business side of a film festival.

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MORNING SHOTS: A Political Rorschach Test 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES asks: what was your first reaction to...

THE TRIAD: The One Where JVL Sounds Like a Republican 🔐

JVL’s very uncomfortable newsletter.

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Not My Party: Trump’s August Reinstatement Delusion

TIM MILLER: Never Trumpers aren't the ones obsessed with Trump and the 2020 election. No points for guessing who is.

Why Is the Biden Justice Department Lawyering on Trump’s Behalf in the E. Jean Carroll Case?

KIMBERLY WEHLE: In this defamation lawsuit against Trump, Merrick Garland picked up Bill Barr’s baton.

Biden’s Long Game and His Short Game

BRIAN KAREM: As his European trip gets underway and his infrastructure bill stalls, the president remains aloof about how he intends to achieve some of his big goals.


Did you get through Thursday? D.C. is under a flood warning, and I’m just waiting to see on the radar if it’s going to make its way down south to where I live.

I’ll miss chatting with folks tonight, since there is no TNB, but have no fear: we’ll be back next week!

The world is not filled with monsters. Please read this essay from our friend Ben Dreyfuss, it is worth your time. Just remember, as Ben writes:

You have had a more complicated life than I or anyone else understands. No one knows your life as well as you do. This is true of every person who has ever drawn a breath. 

A thread about human kindness… The Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler shares a personal story that will resonate with you.

A “blessing in disguise”… A man who threatened a whistleblower’s lawyer got a year in prison, and it may well have put his life back on track, as NBC News reports.

Has the death of #InfrastructureWeek been exaggerated?

We will see!

A story in three acts of Ron Johnson’s cowardice…




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