“Family Values” and the GOP Class of 2022

Amanda Carpenter on how the GOP is looking the other way on a series of alleged abusers.


Don’t make the papers. An early embarrassment for Glenn Youngkin before he takes office, as NBC reports:

The 17-year-old son of Virginia Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin twice tried to cast a ballot on Election Day even though he is not yet eligible to vote, election officials confirm to News4. He was unsuccessful in his attempt to vote.

News4 is not naming Youngkin's son because he is a minor and has not been charged with a crime.

Fairfax County election officials said the teen went to the Hickory precinct polling place at Great Falls Library. The location is not the polling place assigned to his home address.

It’s hard to know somebody’s motivation when they allegedly commit voter fraud. It’s sort of ironic, given Youngkin’s “election integrity” paddyfingers with #stopthesteal crowd.

Sometimes kids will do stupid things. And in the case of an extremely rich politician whose children attend elite private schools, one cannot chalk this up to being an honest misunderstanding, or a failure of education.

Sorry, but this answer from Team Youngkin doesn’t do it for me.

Civics are important, kids. Except, apparently, in the Youngkin family. This is a failure of parenting and a failure of his campaign staff. Oh well, only four more years to go.

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“Family Values” and the GOP Class of 2022

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A lot of people on the Internet have been obsessing over this proposed dorm in California. The short version is that Warren Buffett’s right hand man donated $200 million to a school on the condition he got to design the dorm.

I suspect I am younger than the median-age Bulwark reader, so your dorm experiences and mine are probably a little different. As a Freshman at Saint Louis University, I was on the 16th floor of a weird dorm complex named after a beer baron whose business went bust. Sinks in the room (why?) but shared bathrooms and shared showers. Pretty typical.

As a Sophomore, I lived in a former nunnery that housed sorority and fraternity students.

The walls were cinderblock and we had windows that largely faced out and showed us nothing. Usually another building. It felt like a prison or a mental institution.

The big hubbub over #dormzilla is that people won’t get windows. Maybe during COVID people cared more about windows if they were allowed to occupy a dorm, but I don’t know about you: the majority of time spent in a dorm room in college is spent sleeping. And if you don’t want to live there, don’t. But in a place where housing is scarce and expensive, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth… even if he has unconventional ideas about architecture.

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