Fix the Workforce System to Aid the Jobs Recovery

Greater flexibility and freedom in the workforce system can improve the post-pandemic employment picture.

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Fix the Workforce System to Aid the Jobs Recovery

BRENT ORRELL AND MATT LEGER: Greater flexibility and freedom in the workforce system can improve the post-pandemic employment picture.

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The GOP's Trump Captivity

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Bill Kristol and Mona Charen step in for Charlie Sykes to discuss why Republicans can’t quit Trump, British police shows, and Andrew Cuomo’s scandals.

🎥 ATMA: The Golden Globes Stank.

Plus: 'Minari' Reviewed!

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MORNING SHOTS: The Woke Wars 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES (who got his second COVID shot yesterday) on when the left targets the left.

THE TRIAD: Biden's Future Has Two Parts 🔓

JONATHAN V. LAST: There are going to be two different Biden administrations.

🎥 ATMA: Has Peak TV Peaked? 🔐

On this week’s special, members-only episode of Across the Movie Aisle, the gang asks whether or not COVID-related production slowdowns, which resulted in the first dip in scripted dramas in a decade, mean that Peak TV has peaked.

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When Will Progressives Accept Accomplishment?

RICHARD NORTH PATTERSON: The risks of loose talk about purging or punishing Democratic moderates like Joe Manchin.

The Biden White House vs. the Press

BRIAN KAREM: New policy discriminates against small outlets and limits coverage of the administration.

ICYMI: The Facts of Life

WILLIAM KRISTOL: The country takes priority over conservative navel gazing.



President Biden, on the news that the J&J vaccine was not only rolling out, but getting a little help from Merck, announced we should have enough for all adults two months early.

I’ll defer to Dolly for the PSA:

Things seem to continue to be going poorly in Texas…

The state government is rolling back mask restrictions and allowing businesses to open 100%…

Their largest and oldest energy provider filed for bankruptcy

And then there’s this about the UT Alma Mater.

Just throwing this out there, Texans:

Razor wire… Again? The early reports that the razor wire around the Capitol were coming down appear to have been incorrect.

Steve Bannon wants his lien lifted. #BestPeople

Baseball may be back… But the Indians were dealt a self imposed black eye when it was revealed that their former pitching coach had a BIG problem in how he interacted with women. And Nick Francona, a former MLB guy (whose dad coaches the Indians) took a principled stand.

Beyond parody. Remind me, small government conservative friends, what is the federal government supposed to do about any of these actions by private businesses?

Josh Hawley seems like a defense attorney for the insurrectionists… Former Rep. Denver Riggleman, who has a background in Intel, has some questions:

Saying the quiet part out loud… Arizona Republicans are doing just that.

I suggest we play a little game called: Havvvvve you met Ted? Meet the CPACers.

The Birria craze continues apace. And my local haunt got a shoutout in Washingtonian. So if you’re local to the D.C. area, here are some ideas.

Speaker Boehner’s book is going to be fire. A look at the jacket with some pull quotes. Love the Mark Meadows one.

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