GOP Tries to Drag the Military into the Culture War

Shay Khatiri on harm the GOP is causing claiming the military is "woke."

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GOP Tries to Drag the Military into the Culture War

SHAY KHATIRI: The harm of having Republicans—including Trump—claim the armed forces are ‘woke’ and ‘weak.’

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Josh Kraushaar: Is Biden blowing a golden opportunity?

On today's Bulwark podcast, Josh Kraushaar joins Charlie Sykes to discuss his article on Biden's stumbles on infrastructure and crime.

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CHARLIE SYKES: Biden at his worst. And his best.

THE TRIAD: Why Is "Crime" a Problem for Democrats? 🔐

JVL: The crime increase is driven by gun-related homicides.

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How the Arizona Cyber Ninjas Audit Happened—In One Easy Step!

AMANDA CARPENTER: It will amaze you how simple it is for politicians to hijack the ballots after an election.

Trump Resumes His ‘Big Lie’ Rallies While Biden Focuses on Getting Things Done

BRIAN KAREM: A week of historic and hysterical political news.


SAINT LOUIS, MO— Greetings from Central Time! The fam’s all gathered and we’re enjoying a nice rental home in my old college neighborhood.

It’s been nice to get away… and not look at my computer for nearly two days! (In fairness, I was driving.)

It’s almost dinner time here and I’m firing up my take on Can Cooker goulash.

A house full of toddlers who don’t adjust to time zone changes has been a real treat, but the best story of all is after a hot and humid morning outside, going to museums and what not, was trying to solve the mystery of the locked interior bedroom door. Clean clothes, favorite toys. All behind a seemingly simple lock. Now, before you ask: Is this one of those push button locks? No. I have those at my house and those you can pop open in mere seconds. The locks with the twist lock require a special key, nowhere to be found. (Lots of places put them above the top of the door frame.

But what if you don’t have that special key, or time to go get it? You improvise. A flattened ink well of a Bic pen? It fits, but it isn’t rigid enough. Swiss Army Knife awl? Too big. What about a bobby pin? Nope. Maybe a mini screwdriver for fixing eye glasses? Too small. What about taking off the door knob with the Swiss Army Knife? Not happening.

Well, a trip to the dollar store later, the doorknob was removed and reinstalled, allowing me now to type this OVERTIME for you. The next step was finding a way to stop the kids from being able to shut and lock the doors, because six kids running around a house with three floors, it’s impossible to keep them all in one place. That is, unless Doc McStuffins is on. One solution was buying duct tape, but a simpler one emerged: hanging a hand towel over the top of the door, around the frame, barring it from being shut, and out of reach from these little rascals.

Here are a few things to read:

WIRED: How to survive the worst tornado in U.S. history.

DAILY BEAST: Arizona ‘Audit’ Leader Starred in Election Conspiracy-Theory Movie

ASSOCIATED PRESS: May She Rest in Peace: Sen. Tom Carper’s ‘Silver Bullet’

THE DELETED SCENES: Periodic Bulwark contributor Addison Del Mastro on “secondhand supermarkets.” (This was a great read, given my love of grocery stores.)

Not all is well in Lin Wood client world…

That’s it for me for today. We’ll see you back here tomorrow. Tech support questions? Email Questions for me? Drop me a line:, but since I’m on quasi-vacation, I might not respond in a timely manner.


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