GOP Wants Corporations to Shut Up and Put Up

Amanda Carpenter wonders: Won’t someone please, please think about poor Mitch?

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GOP Wants Corporations to Shut Up and Put Up

AMANDA CARPENTER: Won’t someone please, please think about poor Mitch McConnell’s feelings?

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Joshua Tait on the Failure of the New Conservatives

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Joshua Tait joins Charlie Sykes to discuss his recent story The Long History of Fighting Over the Term ‘Conservative’.

Richard Rushfield on Scott Rudin, Bad Boss, and More!

The show’s first ever guest, Richard Rushfield, returns to the program to discuss all sorts of stuff. Super-Producer Scott Rudin: bad boss, or something worse? What went down with Ray Fisher and Warner Bros.? Are theaters coming back? What’s the industry hoping for in terms of Oscars viewership? All this and more on this week’s episode of The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood!

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MORNING SHOTS: The GOP Keeps Fleecing the Rubes 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES: The scam rolls on.

THE TRIAD: The MLB Keeps Screwing Up Baseball 🔐

JVL: Kill the anti-trust exemption. Kill it with fire.

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Not My Party: Coke Too Woke

TIM MILLER: Now that companies are doing things they don't like, Republicans have turned on the free market.

Reducing Unemployment Fraud Without Depriving Eligible Applicants

BRENT ORRELL AND MATT LEGER: Learning from the failures and successes of the last year.

Time to Take UBI Seriously?

MICHAEL J. TOTTEN: Americans have gotten a glimpse of Universal Basic Income programs. They like what they see so far. And we should like its potential to disrupt our stale debates.

There’s No Rush to Renegotiate With Iran

SHAY KHATIRI: When diplomats from the P5+1 countries meet in Vienna this week, the American delegation should keep in mind that time is on their side.


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AFTER TRUMP. Our friends at Lawfare have a new podcast series talking about reforming the Presidency so nobody can pull what that former one did ever again. Check it out here.

Steven Crowder botched his George Floyd experience. What a wuss.

Congratulations to the <checks notes> 500,000 accepted students at the University of Kentucky. This was a big whoopsie. The best part? It was for a small program that accepts 40 people a year.

I just cannot wait to read this book. A few feet away from me, I have books written by Trent Lott and Mitch McConnell. They’re interesting reads if you worked on the hill. But you can tell the voice isn’t really authentic. Not when you had to listen to these guys talk day in and day out. John Boehner’s book sounds very much like him.

It’s possible Boehner has better ghostwriters, but I suspect he was more involved than Lott or McConnell were. There are too many fucks to give, it turns out.

Fire this man. This MoJo item on how far-right talk radio host Michael Savage ended up on the board of a trust that runs a National Park Site is wild. There’s no reason this quack should be on this board.

Get your shot to own the libs! Jerry Falwell, Jr. hasn’t totally disappeared.

The Shuttered Venue Operators Grant. Hopefully your favorite music destination hasn’t closed for good, like a few of my favorite bars have. Starting this week, they can apply for grants from the SBA. And in a few months, we’ll all be able to enjoy live music again.

Forget the Acela. This man is hiking from D.C. to New York. (I hope he’s going to get White Castle burgers.)

A positive development in New Mexico…

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