Herd Immunity Herp Derp

Tim Miller on the pandemic’s wrongest theory.

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Herd Immunity Herp Derp

TIM MILLER: The pandemic’s wrongest theory.

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Sarah Longwell: What Biden Needs To Do Now

On today's podcast, Sarah Longwell joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss Biden's latest comments on Afghanistan; the politics of refugees; and Ron DeSantis's base play.

BGTH: Zak Penn on 'Free Guy,' Writing Villains, and the Fate of 'PCU'

Sonny is very excited to have on Zak Penn this week, who, in addition to being one of the writers of Free Guy, is also a credited writer on a series of HBO classics from my younger days: Last Action HeroPCU, and Behind Enemy Lines, among others. 

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MORNING SHOTS: The Christianists Versus Christianity 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on what Joe gets wrong.

THE TRIAD: Punishment Never Works 🔐

HANNAH YOEST: But to the Taliban, it's the point.

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Not My Party: Biden Bungles Afghanistan

TIM MILLER: This post is a transcript of Not My Party. You can find it every Thursday on Snapchat. “After 20…

Biden Must Act to Ensure Nonviolent Offenders Aren’t Sent Back to Prison

DAN KING: The case for allowing the 4,500 prisoners now at home because of COVID to serve the remainder of their terms at home.

To Squeeze the Cuban Regime, Biden Needs More Allies

GERARDO BERTHIN: The ongoing pro-democracy protests in Cuba and the regime’s attempts to quash them are the latest examples of two conflicting…


Happy Thursday! It’s rainy here in Washington, and yesterday, we were under a Tornado Warning, and my wife’s flight got redirected from Reagan to Baltimore. South of here, the weather was fine, and I was able to fire up the griddle to make my own version of this. LA Rams fans may have successfully yanked their team back, but now at least they have to deal with these horrific food choices.

Welcome home! Now pay up…. Inside the State Department repatriation program. (Politico)

We have met the enemy. And he is us.

Would-be Capitol Bomber taken into custody. House members seem oblivious as to his causes.

Sometimes, it does take a village…

She’s running… Hoo boy…

Texas follows Florida down the road of pointless litigation. Friend of the newsletter Patrick Hedger observes:

Judge Hinkle’s ruling against Florida was only a preliminary injunction, despite the certitude of his language. The case will undoubtedly be argued and appealed many more times, all at taxpayer expense. To get a sense of how much this could cost, we can look to the budget request Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton made for his recent antitrust suit against Google: $43 million. 

Texas seems intent on pouring lighter fluid on money to make a point that will be ultimately struck down by the courts. And this makes Texans happy? I guess if it owns the libs.

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