Here’s How the Impeachment Managers Can Win

Stay focused.

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Here’s How the Impeachment Managers Can Win

BRYAN GARSTEN: Avoiding rhetorical temptations and staying focused.

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Rep. Abigail Spanberger: Can Biden Succeed?

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Rep. Abigail Spanberger joins Charlie Sykes to talk about centrism and its future, and whether Joe Biden can succeed.

The Bulwark Goes to Hollywood: Peter Labuza on Antitrust, Hollywood, and Big Tech

This week, Sonny is joined by Peter Labuza to talk about the past, present, and future of antitrust as it relates to Hollywood. In an age of consolidation and technological advance, how will the end of the Paramount Decrees influence what happens in filmmaking?

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JONATHAN V. LAST: This is what happens when the digital world drives the carbon-based world.

MORNING SHOTS: 16 Takeaways From The Inauguration 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES as America turns the page.

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Get Ready for the Emerging Market Bubble to Burst

DESMOND LACHMAN: Fueled by unprecedented global liquidity, asset prices in emerging markets don’t reflect the fundamentals.

Trump Failed. And So Did Trumpism.

JAMES C. CAPRETTA AND STAN VEUGER: He has left office with no positive achievements on his core policy agenda—immigration and trade—or much else besides.


Day One… I can’t help but think of the episode from The Man in the High Castle about Jahr Null. I think that MITHC will be one the defining shows of the Trump Presidency. While it is “day one” and President Biden has quickly acted to reverse many of President Trump’s executive actions, I can’t help but think about that alternate reality universe. And that disturbing scene where John Smith gets sworn in while Jews meet and pray in secret. For all of the dumb memes I saw about Lady Liberty dancing yesterday, it’s easy to forget how yesterday might have been very different.

Democracy is fragile, our friend Joe Walsh said yesterday. We need to protect it.

Let’s cleanse the palate here and enjoy the talents of America’s best impressionist…

Can Republicans just “move on”? Mileage in your state may vary.

The right pushes back on its populist elements… For as messed up as the conservative movement is right now, there are moments that do give me bits of hope they all haven’t lost their minds. This is one of them.

What did Ben Carson do for four years?

Come on, Pete… Supporting the Jones Act? Really?

Jordan Klepper at the Capitol. More sedition.

Bernie Sanders calls his shot. I can only presume Bernie has been sitting on these grievances for years. He’s not my cup of tea politically, but I respect the game. I’m just glad that the time he was jaywalking on D Street with an aide back to the Dirksen building from his house or campaign office and I was dictating a text I didn’t hit him with my car.

I don’t think President Hillary Clinton would have pardoned me had I hit him.

More Capitol Siege arrests…

The goods on Rudy… Please be sure to read all of this.

The new face of the GOP.

Things seem to be going well over in MJT’s office.

As I told a hill staffer friend, enjoy having to vet every dear colleague letter or press conference with one of these quacks in coming years. That’s gonna suck because we’ve adopted the crazy.

What is Post-Trump “unity”? Expect this to be the GOP playbook for the next few years.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

That’s it for me for today. We’ll see you back tomorrow. Have a great evening, take a deep breath, and realize that bad orange man isn’t at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue anymore. (He’s probably illegally living at Mar-A-Lago.)