Here’s What to Watch for in Germany’s Election This Weekend

MATTHEW C. REES: Ten things to keep your eyes on as the Merkel era comes to an end.


I don’t like the beach. Sand irritates me. I don’t like swimming. And I really really really do not like seafood. (Despite a relative of my wife owning a very nice crab house on the East Coast.)

But what I don’t like is tradition dying. I moved to Woodbridge, VA in 2019. Back then, we used to have a minor league baseball team. JVL had season tickets, and as a former minor league baseball employee, I love baseball. ESPECIALLY minor league baseball.

The team was moved 40 minutes down the road and I never got to see them (The Potomac Nationals, formerly the Cannons, now the Fredericksburg Nationals) play.

I don’t like stolen teams, either, and baseball is sort of a disgusting enterprise. I’ll spare you a rant on Rob Manfred.

This weekend, Tim’s Rivershore, a seafood restaurant / crab shack on the Potomac River is closing for good. Developers and disputes over rent did Tim’s in. But this humble little place on the river spurred a few other restaurants Tim opened.

We went last weekend to pay our respects, and clearly this place is special. On the docks where boaters would dock for a quick bite to eat, people carved their names. Just like when I’d go to an Indians game, our family would always find the brick we paid for in the plaza outside the ticket takers.

It’s unclear what comes next. And while it was not a tradition for my family, you could tell it was for people who have lived here for a long time. And I am a sucker for nostalgia and tradition.

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Here’s What to Watch for in Germany’s Election This Weekend

MATTHEW C. REES: Ten things to keep your eyes on as the Merkel era comes to an end.

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Happy Friday! I hope you have some fun weekend plans. We’re going to see another comedy show because let’s be honest, we all need some laughs.

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