How to Push Back on Fox

Amanda Carpenter on how two House Republicans are going back after FNC.

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How to Push Back on Fox

AMANDA CARPENTER: Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger aren’t giving them a free pass.

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Tim Miller on Our Political Dingleberries

Adam Kinzinger exits stage left, Hershel Walker enters stage right, and Liz Cheney goes YOLO. Plus, when will Democrats figure out how to sell their bill? Tim Miller joins Charlie Sykes on today's podcast.

A Whiff of Maoism

NY Magazine’s Jonathan Chait joins, along with The Bulwark’s Amanda Carpenter, to discuss the BBB deal (if there is one) and cancel culture.

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Snowflake Cons Embrace Cancel Culture 🔓

THE TRIAD: The Purge: Kinzinger Edition 🔐

JVL: When evil is celebrated and good men are scorned.

TNB: Red flags in VA; False Flags on Fox 🔐

Tim Miller, Mona Charen, and Bill Kristol talk with National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar to about the Virginia governor's race and the false flags on Fox News.


One more show before Virginia.

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When ‘Jesus’ Came to Q

THOMAS LECAQUE: Holy war, the Storm, and the thin line between reality and theater.

The ‘Strange’ Writing of Robert Aickman

BILL RYAN: The author who demonstrates horror has always been elevated.

Truth Social Violated Mastodon’s ToS; Trump’s Entire Platform Might Now Be DOA

CHRIS TRUAX: Mar-a-Lago, we have a problem.

Cancel Cultural Appropriation

ROBERT TRACINSKI: Glenn Youngkin wants to put the Church Lady in charge of cancel culture.

'The French Dispatch' Review

SONNY BUNCH: And an assignment you won't want to skip.


On the Jukebox… As promised, Tim Miller’s Halloween playlist.

Happy Halloween! I hope it’s safe and fun, and if you’re carving a pumpkin, save the seeds, douse them in olive oil and sprinkle some Tony Chachere’s on them and bake them for a great treat.

Not the sharpest team…

The whiplash is something…

This does not inspire confidence… Baltimore cops carried fake guns to plant on victims if a shooting went wrong, VICE reports.

Cleveland lost a Man for Others… Mr. Gabor died last night. He was a fixture at my alma mater and was a formational theology and language teacher for tens of thousands of men who came through St. Ignatius. I always got a kick out of his “Think Greek” bumper sticker on his lectern. He was also our athletic director, and was insanely good at it. Recently, we’ve seen stories about fake sports high schools and how they’re really just frauds will to do things the wrong way to get ahead.

But Dale Gabor went about things in a different way, what was called “The Gabor Way”… which was about doing things right and not cutting corners. And his success, 20+ state titles and multiple national championships at a Blue Ribbon school, speaks for itself. I’m just sad that future generations won’t get to meet him. But I’m hopeful The Gabor Way will live on. RIP.

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