How We’ll Know If the Biden-Putin Summit Was a Success

Amb. Eric Edelman on why foreign policy is not just ‘a logical extension of personal relationships.’

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How We’ll Know If the Biden-Putin Summit Was a Success

ERIC S. EDELMAN: And why foreign policy is not just ‘a logical extension of personal relationships.’

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Is Bipartisanship Back?

Mike Murphy joins JVL to discuss the infrastructure deal, Manchin’s voting rights bill, Trump’s revenge tour, and more.

Putin's MAGA Talking Points

Lawfare's Benjamin Wittes joins to discuss Biden's European trip, whether Garland is going soft on Trump, and the NY mayoral race.

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TNB: Juneteenth, Obamacare, and Insurrections 🔐

Join Mona Charen, Tim Miller, JVL, and Amanda Carpenter as they discuss Juneteenth, the ongoing need for a 1/6 commission, and the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare.

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Understanding Today’s Elections in Iran

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Happy Friday! We made it.

Frank Bruni is sorry. But Drew Magary from Defector is not.

"These folks who are trying to intimidate me, they just want me to go away and that is not going to happen." AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs on Please, Go On with James Hohmann at The Washington Post.

Downing of a Flag. As today is new federal holiday Juneteenth (observed), worth earmarking this PBS documentary for next month.

I was saying boo-urns. Maybe they were just yelling “crater!”

24 hours at sea. What would it be like?

Nic Cage hunts… For his kidnapped truffle pig. Hell yes I will watch this movie.

Traveling with twins is hard. But luckily, America is already great. And we knew that.

My my my. How the FNC coverage of a summit involving Putin can turn on a dime.

COVID disappointment… Emergent BioSolutions really dropped the ball where others delivered, the NY Times reports.

Yikes. I am still not certain if the Pat Buchanan Project is a parody or not.

What is Critical Race Theory? Here’s Florida Senator Rick Scott responding to a reporter. (It’s not pretty!)

I’d like to report a murder. This is what happens when a CPA destroys a startup bro’s ill-informed Twitter inspiration.

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