Kevin McCarthy Is a Disaster

Have you ever read a poem called "The Snake"?

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Kevin McCarthy Is a Disaster

A.B. STODDARD: Have you ever read a poem called "The Snake"?

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Sen. Danforth: I Will Never Vote for Josh Hawley Again

On today’s Bulwark podcast, former Missouri Senator John Danforth joins guest host Jim Swift to talk about the rise and fall of Josh Hawley, his regrets about helping his career, and what the future of the Republican party looks like in Missouri and beyond.

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How to Make Biden’s American Rescue Plan Better

STAN VEUGER: The problem isn’t the size of the stimulus. It’s optimizing the dollars we’re spending.

The GOP Has Nothing to Offer

BRIAN KAREM... except division and lies.


Thanks, Steve Sparks! The CEO of MediaDC, the former parent company of The Weekly Standard confirms what we all knew: TWS was murdered because we didn’t sufficiently support Donald Trump.

Read his own words:

Let’s fire up the time machine:

According to CNN’s Oliver Darcy, the Weekly Standard’s leadership, including current editor-in-chief Stephen Hayes, have been searching for a buyer after “butting heads” with MediaDC. But that search ended recently — though a source told me that the Standard’s leadership did find a buyer and suggested a management buyout, but was rebuffed.

However, MediaDC recently informed The Weekly Standard’s ownership that the company was no longer interested in a sale, the people said.

Instead, Ryan McKibben, the chairman of MediaDC, asked to meet with Hayes in a meeting tentatively scheduled for late next week, the people said. McKibben, they said, also requested the entire staff of The Weekly Standard be made available following the meeting.

Like the GOP after years of Trumpian bluster, I guess we can thank Steve for being honest, albeit a little late to the game.

The fact is, TWS had buyers, but MediaDC rebuffed them. And, we were against Trump long before the election. Who are you kidding, Steve? (Also, it’s its, not it’s.)

Side note: Is The Washington Examiner funded by “right-wing dark money”? Come on, man.

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Sidney, Ohio, is a good place. In fact, there’s a whole documentary about the 45365.

The NFL may be bad… But on the other side, they may have contributed to society more than any other sports league based on their wealth.

Don’t be that guy… Wearing your company’s jacket to an insurrection?

Why not move?

A case study. 2021 will be an interesting thing to study as people move.

A view from the Republican Rebels… At Rolling Stone, Tim Miller writes:

But as someone who was in their shoes not too long ago, to me the choice is simple: After all the pain that Trump has caused them with his lies, after the party has lost the White House and both branches of Congress, after a mob of his creating literally charged their workplace looking for blood and screaming for hangings, isn’t the only answer to fight?

That’s where Kinzinger lands. “There’s gonna be a real massive battle,” he says.  “I’m not going to shut up no matter what happens.”

Why is Joe Biden tapping this person? Really? I mean, come on. Seems like a mistake.

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