Leaving Afghanistan: Lessons from Vietnam and Iraq

Adam Garfinkle on why it never ends well...

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Leaving Afghanistan: Lessons from Vietnam and Iraq

ADAM GARFINKLE: Spoiler alert: This never ends well.

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Lis Smith on the Yang Gang and Future Former Republicans

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Lis Smith joins guest host Tim Miller to discuss her career in politics, the 2020 Buttigieg campaign, Andrew Yang’s mayoral bid, and the GOP’s stone cold sociopaths and the intra-party civil war

Don’t Pack the Court

AEI’s Norm Ornstein joins to discuss police violence, court packing, and Afghanistan.

Megan Ganz on 'Mythic Quest' and Comedies in the Covid Age

This week Sonny is joined by Megan Ganz, an executive producer and creator of Mythic Quest, AppleTV+’s workplace comedy about life at the studio behind an MMORPG. 

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TNB: Nikki and the Dumb SOBs 🔐

We have JVL, Sarah, Tim, and Bill on the 4/15/21 panel to discuss the GOP primaries and the “lanes” for 2022 and 2024. And, the looming presence of that former guy.

THE TRIAD: The First Rule of Court Packing… 🔐

…Is we do not TALK about court packing.


SARAH and JVL try to untangle the trans-sports culture war.

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Can Biden Become America’s Next Great President?

RICHARD NORTH PATTERSON: He offers the most ambitious social and economic blueprint since the Great Society—but can he pull it off?

Kristen Clarke Is Qualified, Even If She’s Wrong

LINDA CHAVEZ: Policy disagreements don’t have to involve character assassination.


Happy Friday! After a day of a sore arm, the aches started coming. So this section might be a little shorter than usual. All things considered, I haven’t had it as bad as some of my friends have…

Turns out… a lot of people who donated to Kyle Rittenhouse’s defense fund are cops. And some of them left comments. (This is known because the clearinghouse for that money was breached and its data made public.)

He’s running? J.D. Vance’s tweets yielded some pushback, and as a result, he quit his board seat on a company that uses green energy to make food in rural parts of Kentucky.

Has America found new gods? My friend and former roommate Andrew Heaton joins my old TWS colleague Shoshana Weissmann on Right Now with Stephen Kent. Check it out. (Yes, he’s the guy from the funny Reason videos.)

Liberty University on the war path… News broke today that the Virginia college is suing its old President, Jerry Falwell, Jr. for 10 million bucks.

Eric Greitens’s biggest financial backer? A guy named Eric Greitens. What are the odds?

Insurrectionist trolls the court, Judge not amused…

Fast forward a few days…

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