Liberty University’s Slime Factory

It gave oxygen to Trump’s steal-the-election bid. Now hundreds of Liberty students are petitioning to have the meme-making machine shut down.

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The Falkirk Center: Liberty University’s Slime Factory

CALUM BEST: It gave oxygen to Trump’s steal-the-election bid. Now hundreds of Liberty students are petitioning to have the meme-making machine shut down.

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Olivia Troye and Elizabeth Neumann: What Is The Threat Level?

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Olivia Troye and Elizabeth Neumann join host Charlie Sykes to talk about the siege of the Capitol on January 6, and what to do next.

The Biggest Lie

Jonathan V. Last and Catherine Rampell join the group to discuss impeachment 2.0, deplatforming (pro and con), and prospects for Biden.

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Who Killed Hollywood (Again)? 🔓

SONNY BUNCH: Plus: 'Ted Lasso' and 'Mythic Quest' reviewed!

THE TRIAD: This Cult Is Ruining People's Lives 🔓

JONATHAN V. LAST: How the Republican party failed Christine Priola.

SECRET PODCAST: How Do We Fix This? 🔐

We talk about how to fix American politics and the country’s soul. It’s kind of dark. But before you listen to the show, you should read this thread:

The Storm Next Time 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES: This is Trump's America.

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MGM Is For Sale (Again)

JAMES EMANUEL SHAPIRO: But a different marketplace with cash-rich suitors means that MGM might be the first domino to fall — and a pricey one, at that.

The Last Action Hero and the First President

CRAIG BRUCE SMITH: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ‘We’ll Be Back’ address.

An Administration Bookended by Lies

BRIAN KAREM: From his tweets to his press secretaries’ statements to his terrible COVID briefings, Trump’s term has been a series of falsehoods.


Cactus 1549… 12 years ago today.

A conversation with Bob Gibbs… The boss sits down with the former Obama press secretary.

Louise Linton made a movie… It’s called “Me You Madness.” Here’s a taste:

Husbands are supposed to be supportive. What about someone like … Vice President Mike Pence, who officiated her 2017 marriage to Mr. Mnuchin. What might the ultraconservative Mr. and Mrs. Pence have to say about that orgy?

Ms. Linton looked skyward and paused for what felt like 10 minutes. “Probably not their cup of tea,” she said at long last. She started to add something, but Mr. Bragman cut her off.

“Stop,” he said. “Good answer.”

Among the insurrectionists… At the New Yorker, an incredible read.

This looks awesome.

Since the Inauguration is coming up… Let’s cleanse the palate with a throwback to more normal times, and how the USMC serves at the White House.

BOGO Insurrection. What the heck was the MyPillow™ Guy doing with this memo at the White House?

Remain alarmed.

Unity! Rep. Andy Biggs doesn’t seem to want any of it. Until after his type of people fail to stage a coup.

Ben Shapiro’s Playbook. At Arc, Berny Belvedere has an interesting read on Mr. Shapiro.

Another apology to Never Trumpers… These are rare!

Using a stock photo for a donor is a bad idea!

Speaking of bad ideas… Open forums on a state government budget doesn’t seem like a good one, either….

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Oh, one last thing… GO BROWNS.