Mentally Seceding from the Union

Adam J. White writes: It’s not just the combativeness of elections that drives Americans apart—it’s also how we live together and govern ourselves.

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Mentally Seceding from the Union

Adam J. White: It’s not just the combativeness of elections that drives Americans apart—it’s also how we live together and govern ourselves.

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Amanda Carpenter on the Propaganda Party

On today’s Bulwark Podcast, Amanda Carpenter joins Charlie Sykes to discuss President Trump’s post-election fundraising, his futile legal fights, and how the conservative press have become parasites who have taken control of the host.

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The Real Reason to Nix Section 230

Yevgeny Simkin: It’s not Big Tech’s supposed bias against conservatives. It’s Big Tech’s irresponsibility.

Trump Lawyer: Former DHS Senior Official Should Be Executed

Tim Miller: During a Newsmax call-in, Joe diGenova said Chris Krebs should be put to death.

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Hanging Up On Trump

Charlie Sykes: Trump Launches a GOP Civil War

Sympathy for the Devil

JVL: Will Trump leave a note for President Biden?

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Let’s talk about roads and consequences… An interesting column in The Post and Courier about freeways in South Carolina.

Happy Folger’s Day… The infamous ad is now 11 years old.

D.C. is about to get a little harder to traverse… If you’re poor.

RIP Arecibo… The observatory in Puerto Rico, that was the feature of Goldeneye, is now destroyed. Sad.

Pardon Me? No, really, apparently Rudy Giuliani is asking.

Maybe related?

What planet does Eric Metaxas live on? Serious nutbaggery.

Sen. Cornyn clutches pearls… Senator Cornyn is concerned that officials are making “combative and insulting comments” about U.S. Senators.

Let’s roll tape:

Geography matters. Former Trump super lawyer Sidney Powell has stepped in it, again:

And it’s true.

Only the best people, right?

"It. Has. All. Gone. Too. Far," In Michigan, Gabriel Sterling brings the fire.

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