Presidential Transitions Are Not Too Long

Yes, lame-duck presidents can create trouble—but incoming administrations can’t be assembled overnight.

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Presidential Transitions Are Not Too Long

SHAY KHATIRI: Yes, lame-duck presidents can create trouble—but incoming administrations can’t be assembled overnight.

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David Priess: Should We Brief Trump?

On today’s Bulwark podcast, David Priess joins Charlie Sykes to discuss why President Trump should be denied intelligence briefings as a former President, Ben Sasse and the Trumpian rear-view mirror, and the reported coming wave of pardons and clemency.

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Break-Ups Are Hard To Do 🔓

JONATHAN V. LAST on Republican elites.

3 Votes That Will Define the GOP 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on the state of our country with two and a half days to go.

The Republican Party's Final Humiliation 🔓

TIM MILLER: Even now, they're still covering for Trump.

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Immigration Reform Can Help Revive Democracy

ALI NOORANI: Welcoming immigrants isn’t just about the economy. It’s about what America stands for—and what it stands against.

The Legal Case for the Senate to Convict Trump

PHILIP ROTNER: Open and shut.

Words Make Worlds

ALAN CROSS: Movements based on lies usually end in violence.

House Republicans Look Pathetic Compared to Navalny

BENJAMIN PARKER: Days after all but ten GOP representatives showed their spinelessness by opposing impeachment, Russia’s opposition leader braves Putin’s wrath to return home.

Trump’s History of Inciting Violence

BARRY RUBIN: The president now says that he abhors mob violence. That's not what he's been saying for the last four years.

After White House Meeting with Trump, Mike Lindell Calls for Military Coup on Facebook

TIM MILLER “That’s where my hope lies.’

Technology That Delivered

DAVID SHAYWITZ: Signs of hope in Joe Biden’s choice of science advisor—and in the unleashed ingenuity that made it possible to rapidly produce vaccines.


We need better civic knowledge…

Go Browns. What great fans.

The Terminal, but in real life…

Is Trumpism toxic? Matt Labash talks with Chris Buskirk about why he is wrong.

Inside the Capitol siege. Disturbing video from the New Yorker.

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