Take It From a Swede, Forget the ‘Fight for $15’

John Gustavsson on the $15/hr wage's potential disastrous knock-on effects.

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Take It From a Swede, Forget the ‘Fight for $15’

JOHN GUSTAVSSON: There are good reasons to have a minimum wage, but the radical $15 per hour proposal could have disastrous knock-on effects.

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S.V. Dáte on Why Trump Isn't Going Away

On today’s Bulwark podcast, S.V. Dáte joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss why Donald Trump isn’t going away, Joe Biden’s early weeks in office, and how the GOP and the Democrats are setting the stage for the midterms and 2024 over election laws.

Mike Malloy on the Business of Blu-ray Supplements

On this week’s episode, Sonny talks to Mike Malloy about the home video landscape, what it’s like to make supplements for specialty Blu-ray purveyors, and the world of tough-guy cinema writ large.

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MORNING SHOTS: Springtime for Biden? 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES makes a modified case for optimism.

THE TRIAD: QAnon Is Still a Thing 🔐

JONATHAN V. LAST: It's still happening. Even in the military.

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The Urban Workforce Shakeup

BRENT ORRELL AND MATT LEGER: Talent migration, COVID, and the end to winner-take-all urbanism.

Red Dog Reality

LIAM KERR: The future isn't a unicorn. It's a platypus.


'I am a Bangor!' This story of a lost German tourist in Maine will make your day.

Riiiiight. A local GOP group posing as Johnson and Johnson in a robodial campaign claims it was an “unintended technological error.”

RIP Joe Tait. One of the best announcers in professional sports has gone to the beyond. He will be missed.

Even Trump’s Defense Secretary During the Capitol Riot Blames Him for Inciting It… Good for Chris Miller. Watch the clip at Vice.

A Conversation with Garry Kasparov… The latest in the Bill Kristol interview series, in which they discuss recent developments in Russia.

A Beanie for #TeamBeans. If you’re in the need for a new hat (even thought it’s springtime), do it for a good cause.

Make them pay? A New Yorker, writing in the Times, wants those who left NYC during the pandemic to pay for it, literally. Here’s a good thread on why it’s wrong.

This is why I am not ever buying an electric car. Or at least a Tesla.

Space Command vs. Tucker Carlson.


Joe Manchin knows his role. And he’s good at it, too. This is all sort of amazing to consider that if the filibuster were abolished, it would make him even more powerful.

Best headline I’ve seen in a while. And it’s 100% correct. I won’t spoil it.

RonAnon is at it again…

Is this art? Or is it money laundering?

Obviously digital art exists, but this going for $69 million seems a little bit suspect. At least the NFTs that Taco Bell is offering are somewhat interesting, even though it seems silly to pay for them.

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