The Administration of Abortion Laws—and More

Adam J. White on why we should be wary of an outsourced, passive-aggressive administrative state.


The Beauty of Halloween…

A few of the fun scolds on the far right, the “traditional” right, have been spending their time leading up to Halloween scolding us normies about big sugar and candy, with some even encouraging people to use holy water and scare away the “demons” with the name of the Lord. Maybe my Catholic church is too woke, but holy water has been on back order since mid-2020. I guess you have to plan ahead and ask a priest for a special batch.

In my neighborhood, we really had a good Halloween. I ran back to the house while the twins (Doc McStuffins and Skye from Paw Patrol) were out collecting candy to make sure our bowl wasn’t empty, and it wasn’t. In fact, we over-prepared and had three extra bags of candy.

As my kids’ energy wound down, I fired up the Weber Smokey Joe grill and cooked out for my wife, and I added some hot dogs and brats in case anyone came. Some of my neighbors were offering Jello Shots, others were offering cider (leaded or unleaded?) Next year, I plan to offer hot dogs to all comers.

Earlier in the day, I criticized a Christian conservative commentator for tweeting “Let’s Go Brandon” (you know what it means and so did this person) and only discovered the backlash from the far right Twitterati, apparently with nothing better to do.

Nobody wins on Twitter, really. As our friend Ben Dreyfuss wisely observed: “on social media, there are no winners or losers. There are only casualties." I did get a laugh when I noticed and was enjoying cooking out. You always have to remember: the internet is not real life. And the wisest decision is to never get notifications.

It was a fun night. I went as Ted Lasso, and one neighbor even put a red balloon tied to the drain for Pennywise. I just don’t understand the people on the far right who think Halloween is evil. I’m sure they were at church bright and early for All Souls Day…

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The Administration of Abortion Laws—and More

ADAM J. WHITE: We should be wary of an outsourced, passive-aggressive administrative state.

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Red Flags…

Is the Texas abortion law in trouble?

The evil genius of marketing… (But as I warned, the GOP should be careful what they wish for.)

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