The Biggest Bully Is a Half Decade Late

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The Biggest Bully Is a Half Decade Late

TIM MILLER: Chris Christie is finally ready to stand up to Trump. Sort of.

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On this week's episode, Sonny is joined by Christian Baluvelt, author of Hollywood Victory: The Movies, Stars, and Stories of World War II.

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JVL on rewriting history.

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Happy Thursday! I want to tell you a story about Kal Penn.

Shortly after Barack Obama took office in 2009, Kal Penn took a break from acting and joined the White House staff in the office of public liaison.

I was impressed that an actor would give up time to be a lowly staffer, and so I emailed Penn at his White House email address, as a fan of his work. I joked that if there White Castle in the D.C. area (there is not) I’d gladly get him a sack of slyders.

Penn wrote back, thanking me for the offer, and noted he was a vegetarian and that in the movie they had to make fake hamburgers for him. (White Castle eventually added them to the menu.) He went on Jimmy Kimmel’s show and talked about how he got the job, because and USAJOBS are, well, antiquated and purposely built to be a little obtuse.

The people who get the jobs are those who leverage their connections. In some ways, that’s a bad thing, in the federal government, it’s also sort of just the way the sausage gets made.

As much as Hollywood types like to opine on politics, host fundraisers and whatnot, rare are the Kal Penns who put their money where their mouth is and serve America.

While I voted for John McCain, that Obama could inspire a Hollywood star to take a break and do a government job? More power to them both.

The king of subtlety…

Ask your veterinarian if Ivermectin is right for you…

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