The Birth of Bidenomics?

Richard North Patterson: The president wants to do to Ronald Reagan’s governing philosophy what Reagan did to FDR’s.

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The Birth of Bidenomics?

RICHARD NORTH PATTERSON: The president wants to do to Ronald Reagan’s governing philosophy what Reagan did to FDR’s.

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Josh Kraushaar on the GOP’s Cancel Culture

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Josh Kraushaaur joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss CPAC, school closures and the Biden campaign’s promise, COVID-19 relief, and the Trumpian cancel culture of the GOP.

Is the Stimulus a Clunker?

Maya MacGuineas of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget offers her insights. The group also discusses prospects for a Jan 6 commission, and Europe's response to Biden.

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So CPAC is even more of a circus this year…

Whether it’s the golden statute of Donald Trump, the weird Samurai Futurist guy from Japan (not to be confused with the CPAC Japan leader who may or may not be affiliated with a weird cult) to Ted Cruz going full Braveheart… It was a day.

Thankfully, editing Beg to Differ and Charlie’s pod precluded me from watching much of the horror live, but I was able to tune into DJTJ’s comedy hour to close it all out.

But I did see how my former political mentor Josh Mandel chose to position himself.

Which was just really sad. Josh even took shots at the “squishy establishment Republicans” and mini-Faucis.

I wonder, Josh, if you were my first boss in politics at the Cuyahoga County GOP, you served as an elected official with the Lyndhurst City Council, the Ohio House of Representatives, and you were Treasurer of the State of Ohio. Sure, the Senate runs didn’t pan out, but how aren’t you part of the Republican establishment?

He pretty much epitomizes it. And the biggest “squishy” part in that camp is how it has responded to Trump and Trumpism. Give me a break.

Here’s a thread on the crazy.

Check out Flux. Our friend Matthew Sheffield has put together a new site that’s doing a lot of interesting journalism.

Let them fight. Gab and Parler are in a bit of a spat.

What the FBI Had on Grandpa… Read Molly Jong-Fast in the The New York Review of Books.

Inflation: The Next Problem For The U.S. Economy? Writing at 1945, Desmond Lachman observes:

In assuring us that inflation will remain under control, Jerome Powell is choosing to turn a blind eye to the recent money supply explosion and to the prospective record amount of Biden fiscal stimulus. By so doing, he seems to be putting the country at risk of both a renewed bout of inflation and a renewed period of financial market instability.

Just reading the news…

Ravnsborg was one of the AGs who pushed the “stop the steal” Texas case, if you weren’t paying attention. He clearly wasn’t, and a man is dead because of it.

Finally, a good conservative legal power couple? In Bloomberg:

Tom Clare and Libby Locke, a married couple who run their own boutique firm, represent Dominion Voting Systems Inc. in lawsuits against Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell seeking a total of $3.9 billion for falsely claiming its voting machines were used to steal the 2020 election. Their battle is at the heart of an effort to stop a continuing stream of disinformation from Donald Trump’s supporters—and they haven’t ruled out suing Trump himself.

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