The Catastrophic U.S. Exit from Afghanistan

Amb. Eric Edelman on the humanitarian crisis and damage to the U.S. reputation.

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The Catastrophic U.S. Exit from Afghanistan

ERIC S. EDELMAN: A humanitarian crisis, refugees fleeing the Taliban, and severe damage to America’s reputation.

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T. Greg Doucette: Cops, Videos, and Violence

On today's podcast, T. Greg Doucette joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss his viral twitter thread on police brutality, the role of police unions, and the problem of qualified immunity.

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MORNING SHOTS: The Post-Shame Politics of Andrew Cuomo 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on why it might not work this time.

THE TRIAD: Come Inside the Mind of an Anti-Vaxxer 🔓

JONATHAN V. LAST: Behold the jumble of conspiracies, idiocy, and MAGA thinking.

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GOP Senators Should Pursue a Budget Deal with Biden

JAMES C. CAPRETTA: Learn the lessons of the infrastructure bill and participate in the essential business of governing.

Springtime for Moderate Democrats

WILLIAM KRISTOL: Shontel Brown’s win is just the latest sign of hope that the left isn’t as dominant a force in Democratic politics as it wishes to be.


SOMEWHERE ALONG THE NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE— Today’s Overtime will be a little shorter than usual today, as we’re driving up north to witness a family member take her final vows as a nun. If you’re Catholic, prayers are appreciated!

I try to make it a point not to stop in New Jersey for gas if I don’t have to. Having people pump your gas is insane and there is no practical reason for it. It drives me mad. And I understand why some people have come to prefer it after being used to it for years, but it makes no sense and just makes things more expensive. The first time I stopped in NJ as an adult they threatened to call the police because I was certain I was getting conned.

But, NJ does have White Castle, so at least there is that to balance out the gas thing.

Good for Canada. Prepare for more stories like this, as the BBC reports: dishonest people faking COVID vaccinations and papers. Canada takes all of this very seriously, as they should. And when it comes to immigration, they are strict! Canada won’t let you in if you have a DUI. People probably think “how are they gonna know?” Well, let this be a test case setting an example. Don’t mess with the Mounties! (BONUS CLIP.)

Praying to Trump… This is from last year, but the clip where the sovereign citizen guy with the big cross is praying to Donald Trump to save him from arrest is too good not to share.

After cicadas… Come the itch mites.

Listen to Letlow… Rep. Julia Letlow, who lost her husband to COVID is doing more than the average Republican trying to encourage people to get vaccinated.

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