The Failed Game Plan for Overthrowing the 2020 Vote

Philip Rotner on the John Eastman memo.


Trying something new, I’d like to bring you a short essay before you get to what you may have missed in today’s Bulwark.

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was mugged by a couple of kids a few years older than me in a failed attempt at robbery on the public train coming home from high school. A few weeks later, the Cleveland transit police, with my help, caught them in a sting operation. Some went to jail, others got probation. It was my college essay about my belief in the rule of law.

Of course, I remember the names of my assailants. I had to testify against them in court. I had to refute allegations that the attempted robbery happened because I made racist remarks (I didn’t.) It was very formative.

But as I grew older, I always wondered what happened to my assailants. Some stayed in the criminal world, others got out and had families. For lack of a better term, I stalked them on Facebook and Google because I was curious what happened to them.

This is because I’ve long thought a lot about forgiveness and recidivism. I doubt the guys who mugged me read my newsletter, or have even Googled me like I have them. But in reading Michael Carter’s story at Bon Apetit, I thought of them today and hope they’re living happy and fulfilling lives.

Carter offers a good look at what it’s like and how once you’re out, you can leverage the tides that are indeed stacked against you as an ex-convict.

People deserve a second chance.

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The Failed Game Plan for Overthrowing the 2020 Vote

PHILIP ROTNER: The basis of John Eastman’s memo: Get Pence to lie, then count on the GOP to be Trump trucklers.

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On today's podcast, Geoff Duncan, the lieutenant governor of Georgia joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss the Big Lie about the 2020 election, and his new book about the future of the GOP.  

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