The GOP’s Telltale Signs of Authoritarianism

Ben Parker on why Trump dominates its money and its mind.

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The GOP’s Telltale Signs of Authoritarianism

BENJAMIN PARKER: Trump dominates its money and its mind.

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Mona Charen on the GOP Base: Engaged, but Crazy

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Mona Charen joins Charlie Sykes to discuss the GOP’s obsession with Trump and why they think it will play to the base, and how Trump’s summer #StopTheSteal tour may undermine that. Plus, mask mandates, Palestine and Israel, and British crime shows.

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MORNING SHOTS: Is This Working for the GOP? 🔓

CHARLIE SYKIES on tilting at windmills.

THE TRIAD: Never Forget Who Was Right and Who Was Wrong 🔐

JVL: We keep score because it matters.

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Election Integrity and Advisory Voting

GARRY KASPAROV AND RICHARD LANG: There’s a way to use technology to make elections better and more inclusive.


Happy Monday. Let’s start off with a positive note. I’m happy that, as a child I grew up with music. Sadly, it’s not part of my life much these days, other than a distraction.

My grandmother was a violinist with the the Dayton Philharmonic, and later, as she taught grade school, a piano and violin teacher in Sidney, Ohio.

And my mother made sure we had a love of music, as each of my siblings and I learned to play the piano and other instruments. We were taught at home, but we also got lessons from Shaker Heights’s famous local teacher Maxine Teplitz, who taught Jim Brickman, who you might know as an artist.

Our tiny grade school had a wonderful band, where I played trombone, led by Les Hegedus, an immigrant who was an amazing runner.

Growing up, and I was quite privileged, I had access to musical greats. Christoph von Dohnányi was on my paper route. The Cleveland Orchestra played a concert for my high school every Christmas as part of a fundraiser. (Sometimes they visited us.) And, I fell in love with my wife on our first date when she correctly identified the movie score the Nats were using to introduce players. Right there.

Movie scores are, in my opinion, better than any fake graphics.

So, let’s go with this orchestral of Love Actually’s score:

One of the things I look forward to most, as we return to normal, is taking my wife and toddlers to such concerts. (At least when the kids can appreciate it.)

#TEAMBOSCH… I have joined the ranks…

That’s a wide lane, Dan!

Maybe we should fix our immigration courts?

The new season is here! The New Yorker looks at one of my few hobbies (outside of playing Call of Duty: Warzone) and if you’re into trivia, you should look into it. And if you’re a LLAma, drop me a line: SwiftJ.

Republicans in exile? I talk with my friend and former roommate Andrew Heaton about the future of the GOP on his podcast.

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