The ‘Kraken’ Lawsuit Was Released...

... And It’s Way Dumber Than You Realize

Leading The Bulwark….

The ‘Kraken’ Lawsuit Was Released And It’s Way Dumber Than You Realize

Mike Dunford: Readingitisguaranteedtogiveyouaheadache.

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David Priess: Biden Gets His Briefing

On today’s Bulwark Podcast, David Priess joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss Trump’s crazy weekend Fox News appearance, the changes to the President’s Daily Briefing, and how to prepare for taking over foreign policy during a transition.

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A Taxonomy of Trump's New Trutherism

Charlie Sykes: Hello, darkness, our old friend. As usual, one of the reasons that Trump thinks he can get away with his firehose of falsehoods is that he knows that most Republicans will cravenly remain in a fetal crouch.

The Flavors of Crazy

Jonathan V. Last: How did insane people get control of the most powerful country in the world?

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Why You Should Buy an OLED on Black Friday

Tony Davis: A $1,000 home-theater setup will give your local multiplex a run for its money, technically speaking.

This Is How Biden Can Lead with Science

David Shaywitz: It starts with being mindful of your own priors.

How to Use Anti-KKK Laws to Go After Trump

Jay Weiser: The Donald, the election and the Fifteenth Amendment.

School Closings (Probably) Work

Brent Orrell: Let’s learn the lessons of past pandemics in deciding on when, whether, and for how long to close schools.

The GOP Is a Propaganda Party

Amanda Carpenter: Media parasites have taken control of the host.

Six Steps for a Bipartisan Foreign Policy

Frank Lavin: How the Biden administration can restore American values, leadership, and clout.


PSA: The Cleveland Browns are now 8-3. I remain pessimistic.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving… We’re back! My wife lovingly made me some White Castle stuffing, and we spent the weekend making paninis.

Let’s help save Moriarty’s… In 2016, I watched the Bad Orange Man accept nomination from Moriarty’s Pub. Not because I was banned from the convention, I had credentials and everything. I just didn’t want to be party to the coronation. So, my then-colleague Chris Deaton and I holed up at one of Cleveland’s best bars, mere feet from the security zone.

Their new landlord has ordered all tenants to move out come 1/1/21, and their owner, Morgan Cavanaugh, is dedicated to preserving and moving the bar, which has served Cleveland—legally and illegally—for a century.

Moriarty’s is a GOP bar, not far from the Cuyahoga County GOP headquarters, and while they don’t serve food, I spent a lot of time there as a Young Republican. No comment on whether I consumed beverages before I was 21, but Moriarty’s inspired my love of dive bars, whether it was Humphrey’s or Post Pub.

I have already lost two of my three favorite bars in the last few years, and if I can do something to help Morgan, damn well, I am going to do it.

Let’s help save Moriarty’s. Donate if you can.

All hail the GOAT… If you’re an Athletic subscriber, these untold stories of LeBron James will endear him to you all the more. He looks like he’s pushing 50, but I’m actually a year older than him. He sat in front of me at the OHSAA state championship game where my alma mater won. (He would have destroyed us, but we were D1, he was D3.)

My favorite anecdote?

Drew Gooden, Washington Wizards TV analyst, former Cavs teammate: After shootaround one day during that 2006-07 run to go to the Finals, we were standing about right here (near the sideline, inside Cleveland’s arena). There was a small, half-empty water bottle. One of the small water bottles, not the large one, the small one. LeBron bet everybody he could throw that small water bottle into section 209 over there (about 150 feet away, per arena dimensions and the Cavs PR staff, and into the second deck).

We were like, “There’s no way you can throw this little tiny water bottle that was halfway full to the 200s.” Sure enough, he hit the slot like Joe Montana. He took a couple steps forward and he launched that small water bottle and hit the glass facing of the (upper deck). Just to get that close, of almost getting it there, it was enough said. I said, “You know what? That’s the greatest basketball player who ever lived.” And it had nothing to do with a ball. It wasn’t a money bet, it was more like a gentlemen’s bet. We used to do things like that. Can you throw this or can you hit that object? He likes to have fun with that. When he did that, not only does he have the best arm in the league, he’s the best basketball player in the world being able to throw that water bottle that high.

All rise.

He didn’t get a room rating. Leslie Jones commenting on Tim Miller’s TV setup.

Hail to the chief… If you don’t I’ll have to kill you…

This video of Trump calling AZ Gov. Ducey as he certifies the results had me thinking of the classic movie My Fellow Americans.

It was all a big façade. Who’s the idiot now?

Twitter avatar for @JimSwiftDCJim Swift @JimSwiftDC…

Brahm Resnik @brahmresnik

HE'LL GET BACK TO YOU Back in July, Gov. Ducey said he changed his White House ringtone to "Hail to The Chief" so he wouldn't miss a call from Trump/Pence. Guess who called while Ducey was certifying Arizona's election? (7 secs in)

Processing feelings… The pro-Trump trads are working through them right now.

David Chang won a million bucks… For restaurant workers. Good for him.

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