The Learned Helplessness of Republican Elites

Bill Kristol on why the GOP donor and pundit class doesn't want to do much about Liz Cheney.

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The Learned Helplessness of Republican Elites

WILLIAM KRISTOL: GOP donors and thinkers and writers are all very concerned about what's happening to Liz Cheney. And none of them are interested in doing anything about it.

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Robert Tracinski: The Danger of Crying Wolf

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Robert Tracinski joins to discuss his item on Sohrab Ahmari and the price of “liberalism”, the fight over Donald Trump and Facebook, and the Kevin McCarthy / Liz Cheney feud, and the future of the GOP.

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MORNING SHOTS: My Letter to Paul Ryan🔐

CHARLIE SYKES: GOP to Liz: Look what you made us do.

THE TRIAD: The Supreme Court of Facebook Has Ruled! 🔓

JVL: Kill it with fire.

TNL: The Newsmax/OANN Focus Group 🔐

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Facebook Oversight Board: Trump’s Ban from the Platform Was Botched

CORBIN BARTHOLD: The company’s advisory body says the Trump ban should not have been ‘indefinite.’ But does the board’s opinion matter to anyone? Should it?

Judge Orders Release of DOJ Memo About the Mueller Report’s Obstruction Case

KIMBERLY WEHLE: And rebukes Bill Barr’s DOJ for its ‘misleading’ claims to the court.

On the Anniversary of a Failed Coup, France Faces Its Nationalist Faction

ROBERT D. ZARETSKY: A contretemps started by group of military officers has reinvigorated France’s nationalist right.

Who Could Possibly Oppose Universal Pre-K?

MONA CHAREN: Biden’s heart is in the right place, but there’s a better way to help families.


Happy Wednesday. It doesn’t feel like one, though. Perhaps I’m just stuck in a pandemic fog. But I’m 8 days into life without a dishwasher, and hopefully (?) that ends today.

I’ve been spending a lot more time with the twins, which is a blessing, now that my wife is going back to work with some regularity and normal is on the horizon. And this made me belly laugh. I feel totally seen:

Meet the Army’s new helicopter. It’s been a while since we’ve had a new one enter the fleet.

Crazy sauce in Arizona. Watch this:

The newest Trumpy PAC has a board… And it’s something.

Remember “You Didn’t Build That?” And how conservatives were outraged? Well, here are some deep thoughts from the Conservative Partnership Institute’s Rachel Bovard. Sounds familiar!

Well, that’s it for me for today. We’ll see you back here tomorrow. And don’t forget, we have TNB tomorrow night! JVL, Mona, Bill, and Tim are the panelists. I’ll give you the link this time tomorrow, but it’s at 8 Eastern, and you can catch it at

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