The Limits of Liberal Science

Laura K. Field on Jonathan Rauch's important new book.


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While we spent a lot of time talking about the Virginia election, one thing we didn’t discuss is the fact that a fair number of insurrectionists who were either in office or ran for it or kept their jobs.

And that’s disturbing, as the HuffPo reports.

Thankfully, some of them lost. Sadly, some of them won.

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The Limits of Liberal Science

LAURA K. FIELD: Jonathan Rauch’s important new book largely neglects the ways in which science can pose a threat to liberal politics.

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It’s Trump’s party now… They’re literally putting his mane on the elephant logo in South Carolina.

Yikes… A government agency in Utah asked folks if they planned to join Trump’s social media network.

Hey brother, can you spare $10k? Because J.D. Vance and his sugar daddy will have dinner with you if you have the spare change.

Meanwhile, long shot challenger Matt Dolan made a counter-offer.

Could not resist…

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