The MAGA Trashiest Police Report in History

Tim Miller wonders: Is Corey Lewandowski a murderer or does he just pretend he is to get chicks?


What the heck happened to Facebook?

The social media giant was dead in the water for about six hours today.

It will take some time to find out why. But it could be worse, you could have written a take advocating for Amazon and Facebook to have a seat at the table at the United Nations just yesterday.

I am not a tech nerd, but the nerds are doing their thing looking at the domain records and the back-end and the ISPs and DNS files and a lot of people are predicting this is not good and Facebook is in a fair amount of trouble. From a financial standpoint, with the whistleblower story, this was already true. Being down for the better part of a day, of course, adds to that.

This morning, I started my day like many people do: copy and pasting “Happy Birthday!” to people I have not seen or spoke to in a decade or more. Don’t get me wrong, Facebook has a lot of ills: Its allowance of misinformation chief among them. But it did allow us to stay in touch with people we might not have otherwise been in touch with. Which is to say, it wasn’t all bad.

Instagram, which Facebook owns, was down, too.

An outage like this reminds me of the great northeast power outage of 2003. It was funny at first, then immediately scary, cool for maybe a day, and then sort of scary at the end until we knew things were OK.

And the controversy surrounding the site will continue.

In the meantime, you can find me on ICQ, Yahoo chatrooms, and MySpace. Or you can email me!

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The MAGA Trashiest Police Report in History

TIM MILLER: Is Corey Lewandowski a murderer or does he just pretend he is to get chicks?

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I hope you had a good weekend! Ours was spent with family celebrating birthdays, and the weather couldn’t have been more wonderful. We concluded last night with a S’More cookout involving pumpkin shaped Peeps.

Remember, J.D. went to Yale law school. But he sounds like he went to InfoWarsU.

It will take a while to find out about this outage, but “you’ll never convince me otherwise” is quite the take.

Farewell, “Mr. National.” The longtime Washington National may have played his last game. What a tribute. And kudos to Boston for their class. Zimmerman is about a year younger than me, and to think of retirement before 40? Sports ain’t like journalism.

Robert E. Lee? Meet Bruce Lee. A petition to change the name of a county in Florida.

Farewell, Twitter Poet. At Defector, a eulogy for an elderly man who liked spending his time on Twitter sharing his thoughts, poetry, and being mean to sports writers.

What The Pentagon Wars got right.

The Supreme Court Has Gone Off the Rails… At the NY Times, a must read from Donald Ayer.

The Reagan revolution pitted itself against “activist” judges who were seen as following personal whims by altering the law and creating rights not found in the Constitution. Through interpretive tools like textualism and originalism, the Reagan lawyers sought to make the law more predictable and steady — as articulated by John Roberts, the job of justices was “to call balls and strikes, and not to pitch or bat.”

That revolution, however, has morphed into what it was meant to curtail, as the expanding right-wing majority on the Supreme Court has relied on an array of innovative constitutional rights to undermine traditional governmental actions while discarding longstanding precedents with which they disagree.

Read the whole thing.

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BONUS EXIT CLIP: What a country!

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