The Non-Education of Ross Douthat

Nicholas Grossman on why the Times columnist insists on defending a version of the Republican party that doesn't exist.

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The Non-Education of Ross Douthat

NICHOLAS GROSSMAN: The New York Times columnist insists on defending a version of the Republican party that doesn't exist.

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Asha Rangappa on the J6 Domestic Terror Threat

Guest host Amanda Carpenter is joined by Asha Rangappa, where they wonder what happened to COVID testing, go deep on J6 records requests, and talk about the Texas abortion law.

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THE TRIAD: The World Is Getting More Dangerous. A Lot More. 🔐

JVL: Anti-mask violence in America. A coup brewing in Brazil.

WEEKEND TRIAD: Strange New Disrespect 🔓

TIM MILLER: The ideology beneath an abortion position that nobody likes.

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The Power of the Demagogue

NICOLE PENN: The Pulitzer Prize-winning novel ‘All the King’s Men’ turns 75.

Jean-Paul Belmondo, 1933-2021

GREG FERRARA: The physical Frenchman transcended his status as the early face of the French New Wave.

J.D. Vance Is So Thirsty

JONATHAN V. LAST: The sad, needy tweets of a loser.


Happy Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed the last dog days of summer! We enjoyed the HOA pool for one last afternoon, and the dogs continued to (try) and bond.

We also had some BBQ this weekend.

The House GOP needs to get better research staffers…

“Welcome is the right word…” And I’m glad my state is welcoming refugees from Afghanistan.

What QAnon does next…

The other Afghan women… Make sure you earmark 20 minutes to read this New Yorker story. It’s your #mustread #longread of the day. I don’t want to spoil a word of it for you.

House GOP priorities…

Wait, what?

Is this bad?

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