The Origins of Trump’s Slapdash, Last-Second ‘1776 Report’

It can be understood as the other side of the coin to Michael Anton’s angry ‘Flight 93’ argument.

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The Origins of Trump’s Slapdash, Last-Second ‘1776 Report’

JOSHUA TAIT: It can be understood as the other side of the coin to Michael Anton’s angry ‘Flight 93’ argument.

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Bill Kristol: The GOP Has Learned Nothing

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Bill Kristol joins Charlie Sykes to discuss why the GOP has learned nothing during the Trump era.


EPPC's Peter Wehner joins this week to review the inauguration and look forward to the first priorities of the Biden administration. Also impeachment 2.0.

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SCREEN TIME: Can Reporting Change the World? 🔓

The new Tom Hanks movie, "News of the World," reviewed. Plus: The Age of Scission!

THE TRIAD: The Sedition Caucus vs. the Don Draper Caucus 🔐

JONATHAN V. LAST on why conservatism is weak.

MORNING SHOTS: The GOP Remains An Unserious Party 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on Day Two of Trumpless America.

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Energy (and Honesty) in the Executive

BRIAN KAREM: A spectral administration of lies is swept out, replaced by an active new team and a president talking of unity.

Fragments of Rage

BRENT ORRELL: The neuroscience of how social media and fake news are hijacking our brains and fomenting violence.

Confronting Putin Requires More Backbone, Not More Understanding

DAVID J. KRAMER AND JOHN HERBST: Calls for the Biden administration to appoint a special envoy imagine that Putin can be reasoned with. He can’t.


Happy Friday! We made it. Let’s start off Overtime with some of the good stuff. You know, before we get to why everything is terrible.

It’s a rare day when a Clevelander can root for Pittsburgh, but today is one of those days.

I wonder… Does Andy Harris even have a concealed handgun permit of any kind?

“Massive demographic changes…” I wonder what she’s referring to?

Things aren’t looking good for the NRA. Not sure the courts are gonna look kindly on faking bankruptcy.

The Ignominious Deceits of Congressman Cawthorn. I am sure you are shocked to read that Madison Cawthorn lied about another thing:

In addition to not being on a team, Cawthorn does not appear to have competed in any qualifying races. Robert Kozarek, a former elite wheelchair marathoner, said he would have met Cawthorn at some point if he had been serious competition. Kozarek himself never qualified for the Paralympic Games. “The community itself is small. There’s probably 50 [elite wheelchair racers] in the entire country, and we see each other four, five, six times a year, at least.”

Goodbye to the Toddler in ChiefDaniel Drezner retires the thread.

Sholam Weiss free… Thanks, sadly, to President Trump.

Allen West’s plan to turn Texas blue ASAP. I mean, if he wasn’t trying to do this, what would he be doing differently?

Allen West, the Texas GOP chairman, addressed the dispute in August when he was invited to speak at a church near the city. In a video of the speech posted to YouTube, West told the audience that the situation in Southlake follows a pattern of school districts attempting to indoctrinate children with liberal values.

West, who is Black, then offered a suggestion for how to fight back. He told the audience to welcome new residents from out of state with a pecan pie, but then to ask, “Now why are you here?”

And if those new neighbors don't share traditional conservative beliefs about gun rights and tax policy, West advised the audience to respond with seven words: “Go back to where you came from.”

Matt Schlapp isn’t a good lobbyist.

Life, Liberty, and M*A*S*H… Do read Thomas Firey at CATO about the values of classical liberalism.

To be clear, M*A*S*H’s chief protagonist, surgeon Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce (played by Alan Alda), was not an avowed libertarian who leafed through The Road to Serfdom along with his beloved nudie magazines. But he and his comrades embraced and advocated principles and institutions that classical liberals hold dear, as did many Americans (including both Democrats and Republicans) of that era. And today, amidst a surge in illiberalism in both the United States and abroad, the show continues to offer classical liberals both comic relief and hope.

Read the whole thing:

Mike Lindell under the microscope. His recent antics have resulted in people reporting about allegations from his past.

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