The Republican Party’s Motivated Reasoning

Chris Deaton on persuasion when people don't want to listen.

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The Republican Party’s Motivated Reasoning

CHRIS DEATON: How do you persuade people who won’t believe anything except for what they want to hear?

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Tim Miller: It Was Worse Than We Thought

Tim and Charlie Sykes discuss new reports about the military's fear of a Trumpist Coup; the Bucks' playoff run; Olivia Rodrigo's White House visit; and why we should care about Ethiopia.

BGTH: Ryan Faughnder on How Valuable You Are

(To streaming companies.)

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MORNING SHOTS: Secession, Coups, Lies, and Grift 🔐

THE TRIAD: Ross Douthat's Populist Dream World 🔓

JVL: True nationalist populism has never been tried!

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Not My Party: What’s Going on in Ethiopia (And Why You Should Care)

TIM MILLER: The world seems indifferent to the war, famine, and ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia. The United States shouldn't be.

What’s Missing from Biden’s Antitrust Executive Order

BRIAN KAREM: “Rather than competing for consumers,” big companies “are consuming their competitors.”

The Loki Finale and the MCU’s Glorious Purpose

SONNY BUNCH: On the trickster god’s cosmic penance.

Texas’s Voting Restrictions Are a Multi-Level Grift

OLIVIA TROYE: It's not about “election integrity”—here’s how you can tell.


Inflation, cars, and chips. An interesting read at the NY Times. We rented a minivan a few weeks back for our family trip to Columbus and St. Louis, and the cost to rent for 10 days was literally 1/10th of its MSRP. We were lucky to get a family discount because a relative works for a rental car company, but that is just a glimpse into how insane things are. People are renting U-Hauls in Hawaii instead of cars. It’s nuts.

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Shot / Chaser / Chaser

It’s like they’re good at staying consistent on messaging or something. Is this competency?

Inside the White House Press Corps.

Check out Brian Karem, frequent Bulwark contributor’s new video blog.

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