The Rise of the Claremonsters

Laura K. Field on the decline of a once-distinguished think tank.

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What the Hell Happened to the Claremont Institute?

LAURA K. FIELD: How the once-distinguished conservative think tank plunged into Trumpism, illiberalism, and lying about the election.

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Special Adam Kinzinger and Chris Krebs Doubleheader

On today’s doubleheader podcast, Adam Kinzinger talks about being the GOP’s Lone Survivor; and cyber security expert Chris Krebs talks about being fired by tweet, and the fight against this disinformation.

ATMA: 'Black Widow' Podcast

Plus: The ethics of viral short story "Cat Person" called into question.

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MORNING SHOTS: What The Hell Happened To The Claremont Institute?

CHARLIE SYKES: Nativist, racist, illiberal, and post-truth.

THE TRIAD: Let's Talk About Happy Things 🔐

JVL: On the Home Run Derby and wrestling.

ATMA: The MCU's Villain Problem

On this special members-only episode, Sonny, Alyssa, and Peter discuss the biggest problem in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: the lack of a decent stable of villains.

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Why Harrison Ford’s Best Roles Are Neither Han Nor Indy

BILL RYAN: How Ford surpassed his blockbuster-era films by following them with the most interesting performances of his career.

Right-Wing Violence Threatens Georgian Democracy

BESIKI KUTATELADZE AND DAVID J. KRAMER: Bloody anti-LGBTQ riots have claimed at least one life in the struggling Caucasian country.


Happy Tuesday! I have good news. My former college bar, where I worked as a bouncer and closed a few years back, might be getting a new lease on life. It’s the basis for the movie One Night at McCool’s, which was written by regular Stan Seidel, who died during filming.

The kids are alright…

Students from Columbus Academy respond to the criticisms by two now very famous on the right parents.

The money behind the right wing CRT panic. A good read by Judd Legum.

Is Los Angeles hideous? I’ve only been there once, I think, but my friend and former roommate and multi-time Angelino Andrew Heaton has written a book of poems about his former city, out today.

Here’s a verse from one that made me chuckle (all of the poems are funny because Heaton is a comedian.)

If highways are a city’s arteries
Los Angeles is begging for a heart attack
And a stroke so prodigious
It makes a popping noise
Audible in Arizona.

A burgh most constipated
Squatting on a toilet
Straining, straining,
To squeeze out a Prius.

And when it succeeds
Teeth clenched, sweat drenched
Guess what?
The toilet is clogged

Because that’s LA:
The septic tank of hopes and dreams

Angelinos spend
128 hours in their cars
Each year

But it only takes an hour
To drive the fuck away.

In Washington, we spend an average of 102 hours in our cars. Except not me, not anymore because I work from home. I know the 101 is bad, but trying to cross the Beltway can be almost as bad. 

The Six Way Fracturing of Evangelicalism… Today’s must read (outside of Laura K. Field’s item.)

You hate to see it…

You hate to see it, continued…

Don’t worry about inflation… Unless it’s cars.

Reminds me of an old joke from the Ron Paul days… END INFLATION! (Except for Blimps.)

What the fresh hell is going on in Tennessee?

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