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Some fully vaccinated people have been getting a third jab before the government has approved it.

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JIM SWIFT: Some fully vaccinated people have been getting a third jab before the government has approved it.

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Matt K. Lewis on Biden's Disaster

On today's podcast, the Daily Beast's Matt K. Lewis joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss the fall of Afghanistan, the right's anti-refugee pivot; the crisis of the Biden presidency; and Ron DeSantis's unconservative COVID policies.

ATMA: Why Is Shang Chi Going to War with Disney's Chief?

Plus: 'Free Guy' reviewed! Should you see it in a theater?

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MORNING SHOTS: The Right's Anti-Refugee Jihad 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on the MAGA memory hole.

THE TRIAD: Biden Blames the Victims 🔐

BENJAMIN PARKER on the Afghans and us.

ATMA BONUS: The Vietnam War's Cinematic Legacy 🔐

How movies can help people navigate national trauma.

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How the Afghanistan Debacle Harms U.S. Interests

WILLIAM INBODEN: Even beyond the humanitarian toll, the retreat from Afghanistan increases the risk of terrorism and damages America’s credibility.

Biden’s Disingenuous Speech on the Afghanistan Withdrawal

SHAY KHATIRI: Strawmen, falsehoods, and victim-blaming.


John Cornyn deletes tweet after China criticism… Remember, Cornyn is on the Intelligence Committee. Falsely claiming that the U.S. has 30,000 soldiers in Taiwan? Normally Cornyn just soldiers through, but after becoming the subject of Chinese ridicule… well… “Big John” just played into the hands of Beijing. Great going, Senator.

Gov. Ron Swanson… The New York Times reports: “Tennessee’s governor allows parents to opt out of mask mandates at school.” Bill Lee is basically offering these to parents:

And that’ll be played out in the courts.

And in related news…

The packed C-17… Here is more on yesterday’s reports about the stuffed USAF jet full of folks fleeing Afghanistan from Defense One.

Your Tuesday recipe… It’s blue corn chicken and waffles from New Mexico.

Speaking of food… Little Caesars proves that America was already great with its newest creation.

Perhaps Mark Levin shouldn’t speak off the cuff as much?

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