The Unfairness Never Ends

Tim Miller on Trump phoning in the Wambulance.

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Trump’s Closing Argument: The Unfairness Never Ends

Tim Miller on President Trump’s Grievance-Laden Interview with Rush Limbaugh:

They want a victimization narrative they can make their own. And nobody is better at giving it to them than the boy from Queens who never got the respect he thought he deserved, even after he became President of the United States.

On the Pods…

Bill Kristol on Trump's End Game

On today's Bulwark Podcast, Bill Kristol joins Charlie Sykes to discuss the 2020 election, the down-ballot electoral woes of the GOP, and the Trumpification of Mike Pence.

Roid Rage

David Frum returns to B2D. He and the panel discuss the VP debate, the president’s mental state, abuse of power, and the future of the political parties.

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Invisible Wounds

Brent Orrell: A second wave of COVID may be underway. We have to choose between flattening the curve or flattening our health workforce.

The Big Supreme Court Cases to Watch for This Fall

Kim Wehle: . . . and where a Justice Amy Coney Barrett might come down on them.

Trump is the Wizard of Oz—Only Nuts

Richard North Patterson: The last ten days have shone a bright light on his selfish, erratic, irrational behavior.

🚨Overtime 🚨

Fox News is having a hard time painting Sen. Harris as the baddie:

ASK JVL ANYTHING… Our fearless boss Jonathan V. Last jumped on the evil neocon reddit to take some questions, do check them out! He was at it for hours.

Here is the best exchange with a reddit user that is 100% not me.

OK, it was me. I just like to troll JVL about his very loud dishwasher.

Related: If you want to know why we don’t have a comments section, this is pretty much it. It’s all we would do. That’s why we give readers our emails. We love corresponding with you, but we’re running a publication, not a message board.

Q PREDICTED THIS!!!!! Lin Wood, lawyer to fringe right wing stars, apparently included a New Yorker reporter on texts to his client, likely future Congresswoman and QAnon curious Georgia candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene.

You gotta read the whole thread:

Made for TV… President Trump is going to do a live medical evaluation on TV later tonight, apparently. I’m just hoping the season finale involves Harold Bornstein.

Tacky Matt Schlapp… I don’t know what the purpose of this video is other than donor service and virtue signaling, but putting a political flag on a lacrosse or baseball throwback device instead of a flagpole just looks janky.

Well, that’s it for me, friends. Hope you have a good weekend. I have an 8 lb. Boston Pork Butt to smoke tomorrow, and the wife informs me that we’re apparently going to get pumpkins. I just assume we’re going to Lidl and not some farm an hour away but I could be wrong. I will probably be wrong.

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