There Are No Simple Answers for Our Labor Market Problems

Brent Orrell on little precedent for—and lots of confusion about—the employment situation.

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There Are No Simple Answers for Our Labor Market Problems

BRENT ORRELL: Little precedent for—and lots of confusion about—the employment situation.

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Eric Edelman on the G7 Summit and Contact Lunacy

On today's Bulwark Podcast, Amb. Eric Edelman joins Charlie Sykes to discuss Biden's G7 summit, Pakistan's relationship with China and the United States, and how the current insanity might be a result of "contact lunacy."

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Dems Can’t Run Against the Big Lie in 2022

RICH THAU: Trump-Biden voters don't really care about how Republicans keep lying about the 2020 election.

How Juneteenth Observance Can Rekindle Our Democracy

NICOLE BIBBINS SEDACA: Our failings remind us of the importance of our democratic values.


Happy Monday! I hope that all who celebrated Father’s Day this weekend had a fulfilling day, and that all of you were able to enjoy our first Juneteenth as a national holiday. Some of my neighbors had a big party complete with fireworks. My dog did not appreciate them, and while the good fireworks are illegal in Virginia, I appreciated them.

For Father’s Day, I got a #GirlDadGrillDad t-shirt, and a new grill to add to my outdoor BBQ collection: The Blackstone Griddle. I am still a charcoal man at heart, but when you have impatient, hungry young mouths, a propane powered restaurant-style griddle is awesome. I spent much of Sunday morning before mass seasoning it before we cooked burgers, corn, and potatoes on there for Father’s Day dinner.

Speaking of Father’s Day… Here’s Arthur Brooks at The Atlantic on the topic.

Pro Se, Can You See?? One of the Capitol insurrectionists is back in court, and hoo boy, the results are something.

Whatever happened to the “Bio Dome?” Older readers certainly remember Biosphere 2 (which weirdly was at one point affiliated with Steve Bannon) because if its history and its controversy. Younger readers, about my age, will remember Pauly Shore and Stephen Baldwin’s movie Bio Dome.

Ten years ago, I knew that Biosphere 2 still existed, because it was located in the state my elected official boss represented. But now? Still going.

Why “Buy America” is a bad law… Alon Levy, at the Niskanen Center:

This is a harmful law that can and should be repealed. Too few jobs are created for it to be a true priority for the labor movement; $1 million for a single temporary job could instead buy a lot of college degrees, health plans, and permanent public-sector hires. Nor are factory sitework consultants an interest group worth appeasing the way the Chamber of Commerce writ large may be. All a repeal costs, politically, is an admission that a derivative principle was wrong; an admission that is inherent in any open legislative or executive change. Errors happen, and sometimes persist for generations. In hindsight, we can see that Buy America was among those errors, and this can and should be fixed.

Towards a Unified Theory of Peloton… Anne Helen Peterson’s Culture Study on the bike cult is well worth your while.

Move over Wing Stop, it’s time for Thigh Stop… As Businessweek reports, markets in everything with high chicken prices.

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