Today’s Democratic Socialists: Not So Big on Democracy

Ron Radosh on turning a blind eye to the anti-democratic regimes in Cuba and Venezuela.

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Today’s Democratic Socialists: Not So Big on Democracy

RON RADOSH: Turning a blind eye to the anti-democratic regimes in Cuba and Venezuela.

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Will Saletan On Our Vaccination Crisis

On today's Bulwark podcast, Slate's Will Saletan joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss Trump's insane Arizona speech, the politics of vaccinations, Pelosi's move on January 6, and the Democrats' problem with crime.

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MORNING SHOTS: Getting Deadly Serious About Vaccines 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES on the patriotism of Adam Kinzinger.

THE TRIAD: The Party of Political Violence 🔐

JVL: Look who's part of the coalition now.


WEEKEND SHOTS: Our Sunday Mailbag 📩

CHARLIE SYKES wonders: Does that former guy even know what a “router” is?

NEWSLETTER OF NEWSLETTERS: The Tyranny of Randomness 📬

JVL with some great reads on why randomness rules, Cuban technology, and why “Clubhouse” was a bust.

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In Military Justice, It’s Time to Leave Lawyers’ Work to Lawyers

EUGENE R. FIDELL:Too many critical decisions are left in commanders’ hands.

Trump’s Big Lie Litmus Test

AMANDA CARPENTER:He’s playing kingmaker and enforcer.


Happy Monday! Hope you had a good weekend like I did. We “camped out” and cooked smores, I played golf with an old hill colleague (I lost six balls), one of our neighbors had a wedding, the other had a gender reveal for their coming baby, and there were a lot of cookouts. It felt like a block party, because it was.

But now we’re back to the grind, so let’s get to it. (And thank you all for your thoughtful responses about the Cleveland Guardians.)

On the jukebox…

This story about “SWATting” which you probably didn’t hear of, is absolutely nuts. And one of the kids gets off scot free? Over a Twitter handle?! One of the main perps got five years, but a man is dead. That seems a little light to me.

Your #LongRead of the day is about this former neo-nazi found burned to death in his car after going off grid. As Rolling Stone tells the story, the weird part is that he was apparently worth a lot of money at the time of his dead. (Thanks to Bitcoin.)

#BackTheBlue? Here’s what the outspoken members of the sedition caucus are doing tomorrow as four police officers are set to testify.

Former Rep. Barbara Comstock has some thoughts:

Prayers for Mike Enzi… From the Inbox:

Former Wyoming U.S. Senator Mike Enzi has been admitted to UCHealth Medical Center of the Rockies in Loveland, Colo. He sustained serious injuries while riding a bicycle near his home in Gillette, according to a statement from his family.

Enzi was life flighted Friday evening to UCHealth from Gillette.

Enzi was known as the Senator who walked to work. Some had drivers (leadership), others hitched rides, while others drove themselves, but on any random weekday as you were about to go through security, you’d often see Sen. Mike Enzi, walking to work.

Here’s a good profile on him for those who don’t know of him: The Quiet Senator with the Calculator Watch in the Casper Star Tribune. I suppose with the advent of smart watches and smart phones, a calculator watch isn’t the catch it once might have been. But that was the sort of Senator Mike Enzi was. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

Mitch McConnell, silent no more… While letting Kevin McCarthy take the heat on his shortsighted and outright dumb handling of the 1/6 commission, Mitch has stepped back into the spotlight to provide some useful distraction.

Time flies…

In case you were wondering what inspired this look down memory lane, it’s this:

What happens when Q takes over the parent of a Parkland survivor’s brain. It’s not pretty, apparently.

Lastly, remember… as the late, great Dr. Charles Krauthammer put it: decline is a choice.

That’s it for me for today. We’ll see you back here tomorrow. Tech support questions? Email Questions for me? Drop me a line:


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