Towards A Real Democratic Majority

Bill Kristol on three theses in search of political entrepreneurship.

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Towards A Real Democratic Majority

WILLIAM KRISTOL: Three theses in search of political entrepreneurship.

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Jonathan Greenblatt on the Explosion of Anti-Jewish Violence

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Jonathan Greenblatt joins Charlie Sykes to talk about the explosion of anti-Semitism in the U.S., and how certain public figures are clearly inflaming tensions, normalizing hate, or ignoring their colleagues who are.

How Do We Know What's True?

Jonathan Rauch discusses his new book The Constitution of Knowledge and joins for a discussion of the threat of crime to Democrats' political health.

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MORNING SHOTS: Which Conservatism? 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES on how Mitch learned to love the insurrection

THE TRIAD: Is Democracy Under Threat? Yes or No. 🔐

JVL: If Dems believe that there's real danger for America, they sure aren't acting like it.

TNB: The One About Skyjacking and Lab Outbreaks 🔐

Jonathan V. Last, Tim Miller, Mona Charen and special guest Ambassador Eric Edelman talked about Belarus's problematics, COVID-19’s origins, and the news of the day

SECRET PODCAST: Memorial Day Happy Talk

Saran and JVL talk a little bit about politics and a little bit about friends. (And also construction vehicles.)

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‘A Quiet Place Part II’ Review

SONNY BUNCH: Tight, taut, and terrifying.

Anti-Democratic Conservatism Isn’t New

JOSHUA TAIT: Conservatives’ theoretical arguments against democracy have long provided ammunition for opponents of reform.

‘Cruella’ Review

SONNY BUNCH: on Cruella, and what does Amazon's purchase of MGM mean for you.


Happy Friday! It’s Memorial Day weekend, and I hope you have some fun things planned. The Swifts are headed to the HOA pool, which we’ve never gotten to use, owing to it being closed during the pandemic. The twins are very excited.

Physical looks like it’s going to be an awesome series. Never underestimate Rose Byrne.

Cicadas invade Congress… Manu Raju had a surprise encounter with a cicada in the Russell Senate office building.

It’s no Isiah Carey moment, but that cicada was waiting 17 years for its moment.

Harambe lives. As an NFT, the BBC reports.

Summer threads… Now that pools are opening and we’re headed out for summer activities, friend of the newsletter Andrew Beaujon reflects on his time as an airbrush artist at King’s Dominion in Richmond, VA.

Dogs for the Empire.

Gee, I wonder why…

Why people don’t want to go back to work in the restaurant industry?

Spoiler alert, a lot of people in the restaurant industry are jerks!

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