Trumpism Triumphant

Mona Charen: Even in defeat, the GOP surrenders to the nutcases.

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Trumpism Triumphant

MONA CHAREN: Even in defeat, the GOP surrenders to the nutcases.

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Mike Murphy on the Trump-Biden Transition

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Mike Murphy joins Charlie Sykes to discuss the Trump-Biden transition, the coming cabinet, and the Georgia Senate elections.

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The Next Level: Ted Cruz Is the Worst

JVL, Sarah, and Tim Miller discuss: Is there anyone worse than Ted Cruz? Maybe not! Also: Fox vs. Newsmax is the Iran-Iraq war of cable TV.

Morning Shots: SCOTUS to Trump: DENIED

Charlie Sykes writes:

The latest Hail Mary is the Texas attorney general’s cartoonish attempt to get the court to overturn the elections in four other states — Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

The Triad: Trump is Winning

JVL writes:

Everyone laughs at how stupid the Trump lawsuits are. Can you believe these morons? They lose everywhere! Even Republican judges keep slapping them down! How embarrassing for Trump!

But that’s the wrong way to think about Trump’s actions since November 3. Because his goal hasn’t been to keep the office of the president. It’s been to keep the Republican party.

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Four Steps to Restore Global Democracy

MICHAEL ABRAMOWITZ AND ALEX THIER: How the Biden administration can avert its total collapse.

Pragmatists, Professionals, and Patriots on Biden’s National Security Team

JOHN B. BELLINGER III AND DAVID J. KRAMER: The announcements so far show a clear break from the Trump administration.

Enemies of Democracy

CHRISTIAN VANDERBROUK: Remember. Their. Names.

The Texas Attorney General’s Shameful and Stupid Attempt to Crash the Election

KIMBERLY WEHLE: Laughable statistics, unsubstantiated facts, and weak lawyering in the service of Donald Trump.


On the jukebox… The Boss and BLEACHERS live at electric lady studios in Greenwich Village.

Let’s talk about Ramen… I am a sucker for Ramen noodles. Or, as I called them as a kid “Amelia noodles” because our family friend that we’d vacation with in Hilton Head was in charge of making them. Ramen noodles have a strange Post WWII history. But they’ve become a staple of American society, too. When I was a young, poor hill staffer, I’d go to Costco and stock up on Ramen, minced garlic, soy and teriyaki, hot sauce, and frozen hamburger patties. It was my go to meal. The folks at Wirecutter (who apparently pay more than a $1 a pop for Nissin’s Top Ramen, have this good guide if you’re a Ramen lover like I am.

Freshman year of college on Spring Break, I went to London and experienced the glory that is Wagamama. I bought their cookbook once I was out of school and making enough money to cook for myself regularly. And, they were going to expand to D.C. until the 2008 mortgage crisis hit.

For my part, my favorite Ramen, which is hard to find these days, is Indomie Instant Noodles Soto Mie, which is Beef & Lime.

He did Nazi that coming… A controversial member of the Proud Boys cult tried to join up with some Neo Nazis, and they rejected him.

THE PRESIDENT IS ANXIOUSLY AWAITING THE FINAL LIST TO REVIEW! Louisiana Congressman Mike Johnson sent a Dear Colleague to House Republicans, urging them to join an amicus brief supporting Texas’s batshit crazy lawsuit (which a lot of other states have joined, seeking to overturn the legally cast ballots of other Americans.)

Check this out. It reads like a Trump fundraising letter.

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