Trump’s Defenders Get Orwell Backwards

The president is more like Big Brother than Twitter ever can be.

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Trump’s Defenders Get Orwell Backwards

SONNY BUNCH: The president is more like Big Brother than Twitter ever can be.

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Mona Charen and Ben Parker on Impeachment 2.0

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Mona Charen and Benjamin Parker join Charlie Sykes to discuss President Trump’s second impeachment.

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The Next Level: It’s Happening Again 🔐

The second Trump impeachment is underway. What is Mitch McConnell thinking? What are we supposed to think about Mike Pence? And where to Republican voters go from here?

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History was watching. Thank you.

It’s sad it was only 10, but compared to the first go-around, it’s an improvement. Thank you to the House Republicans who stood up and did the right thing.

You may remember those who voted for Nixon’s impeachment. Here are their political obituaries. Many of these members may have sealed their own fate, even if they weren’t around for the first vote (most were.)

Worth revisiting this ad from 2019 put out by our cousins at Republicans for the Rule of Law:

Here’s who didn’t vote:

Before we get back to serious business, a look back at the craziest moments of the Trump presidency… (A thread)

Troops in the Capitol…

Back when I worked on the hill, my first job was giving Capitol tours. I was good at it, and my boss would ask me to do it years after it was my job. It made my job harder, but it meant a lot that he’d ask me to give his friends or family tours. One part of the tour I gave was about where troops were quartered in the Civil War to protect the Capitol.

I saw dozens of images like these today and my heart sank. Never did I think this would be the norm ever again.

A friend opined:

The National Guard is now sleeping on the marble floors of the Capitol to preserve our democracy, while Republican lawmakers (who fomented and abetted insurrection) complain about having to walk through a metal detector in the morning.

The only time I ever saw anything like this was on the day of Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration. I was an escort who took the former VPs down to the platform, and once I dropped them off, I peeled off and waited until the ceremony was over to bring them back to their drop off point. As I peeled off, by the office of the Attending Physician, I turned the corner and saw an entire USMC CBIRF unit in full body suits, ready to jump in and rescue people if need be. It scared the shit out of me. I paused and kept walking.

This Inauguration will not be like any other. Nobody will be there. No large crowds, but the threat level is heightened more than probably ever. If you’re wondering… Is there a “designated survivor” for Inaugurations? Yes, there is.

But with so many people resigning, and acting secretaries of whatever, who might it be? What if it were President Pro Tempore Chuck Grassley? He loses his title the first time the Senate convenes after Biden/Harris are sworn in and the Senate changes control. Were something extreme to happen, we could have President Chuck Grassley. But I am not worried about that.

People believe this… How do you deprogram somebody who is this nuts? A buddy sent me this text he got from a friend. I’m sure you’ve seen aspects, fragments, or large swaths of this lunacy on your social media.

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Andrew Egger has a great point:

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