Trump’s First Amendment Gambit Unlikely to Work

Kimberly Wehle on the flawed lawsuit against the social media giants that booted him after Jan. 6.

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Trump’s First Amendment Gambit Unlikely to Work

KIMBERLY WEHLE: A flawed lawsuit against the social media giants that booted him after Jan. 6.

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Michael C. Bender: The Inside Story of How Trump Lost

On today's podcast, the Wall Street Journal's Michael C. Bender joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss his new book, "Frankly We Did Win This Election."

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MORNING SHOTS: The Idiocracy in Tennessee 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES wonders: Is it time to use the F-word?

THE TRIAD: Ron DeSantis Is SWF-ing Trump 🔓

JVL: on how the rad-trads keep showing us who they are.

THE NEXT LEVEL: The Con Wars 🔐

Claremont and the conservative intellectual fights of the '90s and '00s. Plus: Tennessee goes full anti-vaxx.

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No, the Canadian Residential Schools Were Not “Worth It” Because of the Baptisms

J.D. FLYNN AND ED CONDON: Mortara and the First Nations.

As Cubans March for Freedom, Democrats Are Split

ELLIOTT ABRAMS: The courageous demonstrations for liberty and against the communist regime in Cuba have exposed some rifts in the Democratic Party.


A good pick by Biden.

The Fish and Chips Wars… An interesting look at the history between Iceland and the UK.

I think they’ll fill this job quite quickly! Though I am too picky to apply.

The moral collapse of J.D. Vance… Tom Nichols at The Atlantic on why, well, he’s an asshole. And why there’s no other term for it.

How the right wing media exploited Tucker Carlson’s NSA claims…

The Lafayette Square Incident investigation continues…

How The West Wing cast reunited to influence the 2020 election and the importantce of voting…

Gabriel Schoenfeld on Iran and nukes. A must read at American Purpose:

But short of war, the threat of war, or crippling sanctions that threaten the very survival of the regime, Iran has demonstrated the will and the wherewithal to continue marching forward. Whether it rejoins the JCPOA, as the Biden Administration is pushing for in negotiations under way in Vienna, or stays out of it, may well be irrelevant at this late hour. For as the evidence presented in the book drives home, Iran’s ayatollahs are implacably committed to acquiring deliverable nuclear weapons and for decades have been sedulously advancing along that path.

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