Voting Machine Tampering Is Coming From Inside The MAGA House

Tim Miller on the potential crimes of the Colorado County Clerk.

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Voting Machine Tampering Is Coming From Inside The MAGA House

TIM MILLER: Colorado County Clerk Tina Peters May Have Committed The Very Crime She Accused The Left Of Committing

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Max Boot: Why It Might Be Worse Next Time

On today's podcast Max Boot joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss coups past and future; vaccine passports; the politics of nihilism; Tucker's Hungarian Rhapsody; and the fascist-curious right.

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MORNING SHOTS: Tucker's Orwellian Tour 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES: The Right's new Fascist Temptation

THE TRIAD: End the Vaccine Wars 🔐

JVL: Can't we all just get along?

WEEKEND SHOTS: The GOP Blames Migrants. Again. 🔓

CHARLIE SYKES: On our Sunday mailbag.

JVL’S NEWSLETTER OF NEWSLETTERS: America Spent $2.2 Trillion in Afghanistan. What Did That Buy for the Afghan People? 🔓

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Even Without Conviction, Impeachment Will Remove Cuomo from Office

KIMBERLY WEHLE: And his creepy whataboutism is no defense.

Women and the Draft: The Latest in a Long Line of Clashes Over Conscription

NICHOLAS MOSVICK: We’ve been fighting about the draft since the Founding.

COVID Compassion Fatigue

AMANDA CARPENTER: How long can we keep caring about the unvaccinated?

Mike Rowe’s Dirty Lies

JONATHAN V. LAST: The voice of the working class goes anti-anti-anti-vaxx.


Happy Monday! Is it Monday? After my trip last week, I’ve sort of lost track of time.

As cool as this slide looks, it did not work. The twins had to scoot down it. And unlike a playground slide in my HOA or provided by the government, it cost $40 a person. Ask me if I’m bitter about Sesame Place. (I am.)

The deep state… But not in the way you woulda thunk:

She’s running…

Is this bad?

Touring Starbase with Elon Musk…

On the Levin brothers…

Your infuriating read of the day. It’s at the NYTimes, but no spoilers.

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