We Get The Cryptocurrency Assets We Deserve

Hannah Yoest on NFTs and why are we being subjected to this.

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We Get The Cryptocurrency Assets We Deserve

HANNAH YOEST: What are NFTs? Why are we being subjected to this?

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Nicholas Grossman on Conservatism's In-Speak

On today’s Bulwark podcast, Nicholas Grossman joins host Charlie Sykes to discuss his recent article on Conservative Fanboys about how the closed system of conservative media manufactures grievances and pursues lost causes.

AFV Podcast: The Booer War (Episodes 5 & 6)

Collaboration is starting to take shape as the village's Jews weigh reporting themselves to the authorities. 

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MORNING SHOTS: Putin's Fox Fanboys 🔐

CHARLIE SYKES on a new Orange Twitter.

THE TRIAD: COVID Is Not Done with Us 🔐

Even though we are done with COVID.

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JVL and Sarah on why MAGA is coming…

WEEKEND TRIAD: Let's Talk about "Cancelling" 🔓

TIM MILLER: People are conflating one real problem with two fake ones.

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Biden’s Opportunity to Reinvigorate America

RICHARD NORTH PATTERSON: He is ignoring the culture wars and focusing on things that matter—but huge obstacles remain in his way.


Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed the weather if yours as was good as mine was. Was able to enjoy a nice cookout and trips to a local park, and as a bonus, my local Long John Silvers, closed by COVID and then remodeling, just reopened. On a Friday in Lent there was a 40 car line. It may be an out-of-fashion brand, unloved by most and spun off by its former Yum! brands corporate masters, but it has its loyalists, like me.

A Heritage Minute. In Canada, they do these neat little things called “Heritage Minutes” for people to know tidbits about great Canadians, and our readers should know about Mona Parsons, too. 🇨🇦

RonAnon at it again…

Long Live Mario’s! In Arlington, Virginia, there’s a local pizza shop called Mario’s Pizza House. As the D.C. region grew, and the Virginia suburbs shot outwards and upwards, this humble little pizza shack has been a mainstay.

Recently, with its neighbor being demolished, many in that area worried it was going to go away, and recent reporting seems to indicate no.

But this little haunt has an interesting history:

Howard Levine and his wife, Norma opened Mario’s Pizza House in 1957.

As to why his father named it Mario’s, Alan laughs.

“Because not many people would have gone to a place called ‘Levine’s Pizza House’ in the 50s.”

Instantly, Mario’s became a community gathering spot. But there was one group that Howard Levine refused to serve.

“The American Nazi Party,” says Alan, of the group led by George Lincoln Rockwell, notoriously had its headquarters nearby. “If they had a swastika, he wasn’t going to serve them.”

Unsurprisingly, the Nazis didn’t take too fondly to a Jewish business owner who refused to serve them but who served slices to the Black community. They protested the pizza shop, holding signs that said things like “Mario the Jew.” But Levine was not intimidated.

“My father was a big son of a bitch,” recalls Alan. “He knew how to handle himself.”

According to Alan, the protest ended when Howard doused the Nazis with a power washer.

Long live Mario’s! If you’re ever in town, go try their delicious and distinctive pizza.

What is Senator Cornyn thinking? Or is he? Sam Stein observes:

It’s true.

Speaking of TruthBombs…

Sidney Powell tries Fox News’s “reasonable people understand…” Tucker Carlson defense:

Let’s close with some interesting stuff… Like what if there were a libertarian PBS? My friend and former roommate Andrew Heaton co-stars in an excellent Reason video:

And good news… One of the insurrectionists who was part of the 1/6 attack that killed officer Brian Sicknick has not been granted a release until trial. As BuzzFeed’s Zoe Tillman reported, and I’m unrolling it here:

Now: Judge orders detention for Tanios — "my obligation is to the safety of our community and I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything play out in a way that was more dangerous to our community and I have no question that, in your own way, Mr. Tanios, you chose to be part of that"

Judge spoke about how Jan. 6 was the result of a culture "radicalized by hate" + refusal to accept election, and said he couldn't understand what drew people, and that worried him. Noted evidence of stop to buy chemical spray: "This isn't a weekend visit to see the blossoms in DC"

Judge noted rioters moved past the police lines at the Capitol: "Why would you not just turn the other way and go home? ... The fact that all of them weren’t thinking about that is just frightening to me. And that was a choice. Choices all along the way."

Judge said he understood how hard detention (this is pretrial detention, not sentencing) is on families, and even if this was a one-time event for Tanios, there are people serving life for one-time incidents for things that might seem out of character to their family

Before announcing his decision, the judge quoted MLK: "...the real danger confronting civilization today is that atomic bomb which lies in the hearts and souls of men, capable of exploding into the vilest of hate and into the most damaging selfishness"

Read the whole story here.

That’s it for me for today. We’ll see you back here tomorrow, but in the mean time, if you wish to shame me over my love of LJS, you can always drop me a line at: swift@thebulwark.com.